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Sandbox game for iOS and Android


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Hi guys. While has some free time, we are developing a multiplayer sanbox game with cars, shooting, full day/night cycle, etc.
It's still early WIP prototype.
Check out some gameplay test:

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You can take this map with all the same assets, geometry and textures, and render it to look a lot better. Modern hardware, even on most phones, can absolutely handle much better look. Add environmental lighting from light probes, some SSAO with contact shadows, shadow maps, and maybe some DoF, and this scene will look like a AAA title. Well, almost. To complete the look, you might need to do some material work on buildings, then add grass and vegetation. But even just at the shader stage you can have huge wins. If you don't have a good tech artist for these, consider contracting someone. Unless this is a cheap asset flip, compared to the work that goes into everything else, the rendering pipeline is a low hanging fruit.

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Hi, thanks for reply. This project only uses purchased 3d content assets, not self created. Unity standart shader may be bad for mobile performance because of huge per pixel calculations. I didn't decided what to do with graphics yet.


This is how day/night cycle works so far:


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Using deferred shader model can actually reduce per-pixel computations, since you'll only be paying for pixels that end up on the screen, whereas traditional shading might result in a lot of work being rejected at later stages. You definitely want a fixed pipe fallbacks for older phones, but you might get both visual quality and performance on devices that can handle it. (But yeah, pixel shaders on phones are kind of crappy. We tried to use them for some AI stuff in our app recently. Wasn't great.)

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