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Which GTA had the best driving mechanics?

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, iiCriminnaaL 49 said:

That seems to be SA's.


Maybe IV's with higher acceleration would be cool.

Nope. I would freak the f*ck out if they go with IV style again and I'm sure I'm not alone. 

They should go for a completely new system. The problem we have is all this "I want the IV stuff or SA stuff bullsh*t". And that made R* to try the same sh*t over and over again(half assed)  for IV and V. if this series wants to move forward it has to come up with new systems. Sure, we have to pick up the best things from previous games and implement them in the future titles,but digging up a driving system that had so many complaints when IV was released is a mistake. Same goes to V as well. 


Edited by TheSantader25

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I say GTA IV's physics but with realistic suspensions stiffness is the sweet spot. It has the realism of GTA IV's grip level, without the iconic "boatiness" of the cars (especially the Cavalcade, which leans almost 20 degrees in some cases).


For those who haven't tried a stiffer suspension mod for IV, I highly recommend it. Here is the mod which I used. It lowers cars' centre of mass to more realistic levels to artificially reduce body roll and sway, without touching any ther statistic.

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B Dawg
Posted (edited)

Seems kind of lazy though as he game 95% of the cars the exact same Z Center Of Mass value (-0.35)


IMO someone should take the Center Of Mass values from Killatomate's Realistic Driving mod and apply it to the base handling. Those seem a lot more reasonable.

Edited by B Dawg

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Lock n' Stock
Posted (edited)

It's hard to say, though as far as realism goes, GTA IV defintely wins by a mile. My only problem is the exagerated body-roll and the off-center camera, but it's some of the best driving in the series to date. I was also quite found of VC's arcade driving. I'd say that V feels sort of like a blend between the 3D Era and IV, and as stupid as it was I liked the ability to control the car in mid-air.


The worst? Funnily enough, I'd say SA, at least for cars. I always felt like the handling was less responsive than other 3D Universe games, especially III and Vice City. I also hated how running over pedestrians slowed you down like you were hitting obsticles. For motorcycles however, I would easily say without a doubt that V takes the cake. Can barely pull off wheelies and powerslides, and the wheels feel like they're constantly stuck to the ground. Total sh*t and a MASSIVE downgrade from IV in every way.

Edited by Lock n' Stock

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B Dawg

San Andreas, the worst? Lmao. No way. If anything, SA would be 2nd best overall. Vice City's driving is far too simplistic.

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