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3rd Marines Roleplay XBOX ONE


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The Military of TLRP is embodied as the 3rd Marines.Our mission is to insure the safety and security of the citizens in the state of San Andreas. we accomplish our mission be implementing a high standard of training and equipment to be implemented at a moments notice. we live by the standard of our motto which is "Stay low,Go fast, Shoot first die last, one shot, one kill,NOT LUCK, ALL SKILL!!. We work and live to up hold and protect the constitution even if it means our life.some of our rules are listed bellow.

  • Follow orders from your commander or people of higher rank(USMC Ralphie)
  • Report to your superior with your proper uniform, weapons and vehicle
  • The main fire-bases are Fort Zancudo And the dock area
  • The website for the 3rd Marines is 3rdmarines.weebly.com
  • You will enlist for 3 out of role-play months at a time
  • You will speak only by permission or spoken to
  • any violations of rules or creeds can be punished by a nonjudicial punishment or a court martial(for military personnel)
  • ALL fire-bases are a now fly zone or a area for not civilians.
  • If you fly erratically or with out a licence and do not comply to our demands you will be shot down
  • ALL military personnel will not intercede into civilian affairs unless martial law is declared.
  • When martial law is declared all civilian are to heed to the nearest military base for refuge.

Those in the 3rd marines will act in the better interest of the citizens of San Andreas and will serve them with honor and diligence.ALL Military personnel will act in an honorable way that will uphold the constitution and the State of San Andrea's. IF YOU WANT TO ENLIST SEND DevilDogralphie a message


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