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Bruce Khansey

Recommended Posts

Bruce Khansey

Are you a good impressionist? Which person/character can you mimic?


You can talk about anyone, whether if it is just a vocal or a "physical impersonation".


Personally, it's something I've been always quite good at with people/friend I have to deal with most of the times. Even if I don't pay attention/close attention to how a person speaks or to his body language, it just sticks in my mind.

I like this quality I have because it's another way to make my friends smile or laugh, even if I find myself just pretty good and not terrific.


Important: I'm from Italy, so if I quote this or that actor/character, I'm talking about his dubber.


So, famous people/characters:

-Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from "Full Metal Jacket"

-Admiral Gial Ackbar and Emperor Palpatine from "Return of the Jedi"

-Enrico Ruggeri, a famous italian singer; actually a lot of people told me that my "normal" voice when I'm speaking is very similar to his

-Mickey Mouse

-Pluto's laugh

-Roger Rabbit

-Milhouse, dr. Hibbert and Waylon Smithers from "the Simpsons"

-Dr. Zoidberg from "Futurama"

-Rick Sanchez from "Rick and Morty"



As for people I deal with almost everyday, I'm quite good at impersonating a couple of teachers from the course I'm attending.

Edited by Bruce Khansey
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Well, i often tried to replicate Venom Snake's voice casted by Kiefer Sutherland. I can't tell how good i was, since you hear your own voice in a different way. And i was repliacting him on a joke-ish level, so i didn't bother to record it or something.

I also got attention of Venom's scarf on his shoulder. I've tried to do something like it and it turned kinda good (atleast for me) on my stalker costume.







Edited by Sanches
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I do a very good impression of a failure in life.


Other than that I've heard anything between me looking like Baby from Baby Driver, some kid in The Simpsons, one of The Beatles and early 2010s Justin Bieber. Not sure if I should take those as compliments tho (the Beatle one yes, maybe the Baby Driver one too).

Edited by DOUGL4S1
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The Time Ranger

I do a great Morgan Freeman impression. Here it is.

"Hello I am Morgan Freeman on Gta forums."

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make total destroy
already posted my kevin james impression in the confessions thread but it's so good i think i'll post it here too




better angle





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Femme Fatale

I can do a decent impression of Harley Quinn and Coco Chanel. :3 Too bad I'm not as flawless as they are. :/

Edited by Femme Fatale
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@ make total destroy - Bravo! You guys are like twins!


People say I sound just like Charlie Sheen on a binge drinking weekend. Not too shabby.


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mr quick




it's weird with impressions, cause I do really good impressions, but not the kind where I try to -actually- sound like them. it's more like, trying to capture the essence and quirks of how they act tbh

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I can imitate a lil bitch on gtaforums universetwisters who won't shut up about trains and buicks.

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I'm not really good at vocal impressions. Best I can do is a stereotypical Southern accent.


I remember some guy on this site asked me to help him spawn a Vapid Speedo in GTA Online a few years ago, and the second I got on voice chat with him, his buddies kept calling me every racial slur under the sun because they thought I was black, so there's that. I have a deep, monotonous voice.


As for "physical" impersonations? I dunno, probably Eminem. I know my parents said I looked like [insert actors who croaked 40+ years ago here], but I cannot remember what their names are.

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Algonquin Assassin

Before my hair grew really long everyone said I looked like Danny McBride.

Edited by Algonquin Assassin
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