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Altruist cult


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Couldn't find one that answers my question, so here goes: I never had a message popping up telling me to deliver people to the Altruist cult and I have now passed the story line. What should I do to complete this mission? Do I have to re-start the game and do all that Yataryan carjacking sh*t again?


Will the awards/achievements still be recorded under my username, or would I have to re-do the whole game again?



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  • 2 weeks later...

Not sure about Xbox, but on PlayStation, the award can be earned any time...

...New game

...Old game

...Before or after 100%

The requirements for this are based upon if there are 4 victims available to be escorted to the compound.

This event does not count toward 100% game completion.


There is a small pool of random events that are capable of being escorted to the compound, and can only be done while using Trevor.


...pick them up with Michael or Franklin and you will effectively eliminated them from the pool of randoms as potential victims.


You only receive a message the very first random event you encounter that has a potential victim connected with it.

From that point forward, you will simply see in icon pop up on the map in the mountains near the State Park.


With all the distractions happening during some random events, the message is easily overlooked.

Remember, you can always pause the game and read the brief menu for mission related dialogue, and instructions.


The list of randoms are...



The golf player named Castro who is having a fight with his wife

located in vinewood hils

But by bringing him you don't unlock him as an opponent at golf


The Drunk Driver

I don't think he mentioned his name

located in LA Puerta


Drunk couple

again I don't think they mention their names

located about a block from Trevor's trailer in Sandy Shores


Actresses fleeing the paparazzi

she does mention her name but I honestly can't remember what it is

located just off Vinewood Boulevard in downtown Vinewood


Getaway driver for Packie and his accomplice

Located in strawberry not far from Franklin's Original safe house

However, by bringing the 2 of them, you pass up on unlocking Packie as a heists member.


The crazy hitchhiker named Ursula

Located along the dirt road that runs along the northern side of the Alamo sea

Bringing her, you pass up on unlocking a booty call. (a storm follows the end of each visit)


Loan hitchhiking woman

I don't think she mentions her name either but asks you to bring her to the Vinewood Hills Sign

Located near the San Chianski mountain range near the main Highway


The Runaway Bride

I don't believe she mentions her name either

Located at the church in Great Chaparral


The Lost MC kidnapping of the young girl

Don't remember a name being mentioned

Located in the Vinewood Hills


The gangsters daughter named Antonia who says that she's daughter of Don Gravelli or something like that.

Located on the Northern end of Paleto Bay

But by bringing her, you forfeit earning $10,000


And I think that's it.

If I've missed anything I'm sure someone will come along and correct it


The drunk couple, along with Packie and his accomplice each have two victims connected to them. So bringing either of these two randoms will count as two.


If you don't have a total of four victims capable of being brought you will not be able to trigger this event


When you bring the final victim the event will trigger automatically and a cutscene will begin

After the cutscene you will regain control of Trevor. You then have to shoot your way out of the compound.


Using Trevor's special ability during the shootout can be quite helpful, along with ensuring that you have full health and armor before you begin the final delivery


It is important to note that there are several cases of money, useful weapons, and body armor located on the porches of several of the houses in the compound. Health is located in the guard Tower near the main gate.




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