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GTAForums Weekly Issue 36


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Week of November 12th - November 18th



Welcome to the thirty-sixth issue of the GTAForums Weekly newsletter!






One of the largest, most glamorous contests to ever grace GTAF is back in town. Mister Los Santos 2017 had just kicked off earlier in the week on Tuesday, and submissions are already coming in daily. This year, the competition includes a new segment called Meet & Greet, which allows contestants to join in on a GTA Online session to participate in a photoshoot together. If you think you have what it takes to be crowned Mister LS or just want to join in on the fun, be sure to submit your character's profile and photos before the first round ends on November 27th. You can read much more about the competition, including more details on the new judging panel and rules, in the Mister LS 2017 thread. @livejoker, a judge for the competition, was kind enough to answer a few questions asked by . You can read the interview in it's entirety below.

Android: What are you hoping to see more of this year that you didn't see much of the last time around?

livejoker: It's a very difficult thing to pinpoint what I'd like to see as I prefer the surprise. I knew that Mister Los Santos would work as people have been wanting to see a male counterpart for nearly as long as Miss Los Santos has been around but I never imagined that it would work as well as it did. Last year was relatively drama-free, had amazing candidates for all the rounds and just a great atmosphere. There's nothing that I want more than having a repetition of last year - that magic. This year has a few additions such as a Meet & Greet, a guest judge for a vehicle criteria and a new criteria that gives members creative freedom. We hope that contestants utilize that freedom and gives us the most spectacular competition yet.

Did you have any specific criteria when it came to choosing judges?

It's undeniable that GTAForums has many circles and finding members that aren't part of those circles is nearly impossible. When picking a judge you want someone that can have a valid opinion typically formed by experience/knowledge but the biggest attribute that a potential judge must possess is integrity. You want someone that wants the best for the competition and who won't upvote their friends/downvote their enemies base solely on their relationship. You want someone that can stand behind their words and want what is ultimately right. Creating the team was a challenge as you want the best of the best. Many sleepless nights, a lot of reading their posts (10 pages worth for all potential judges, 19 potential judges resulting in 190 pages!), and discussing with the forum who they though could be a good potential judge. I'm extremely please of the team we've got.

Which judge thought of including a charitable donation as a prize this year? Which charities can the winner choose from?

The charity aspect all started with Mach1bud last year. Mach was the winner of Mister LS 2016 and when it came time to ask him how I can ship him the cash prize I learned that he didn't even know there was a cash prize. Instead of accepting the cash prize he said to donate it and in that moment I knew that this should become the norm for all competitions on the forum. Well, in my opinion, at least. I decided to bring it back this year as the forum members provide the entertainment and I donate money towards the charity of choice of the winner. It's a great thing as members can play for fun and make an impact in the end. They're the ones doing the hard work while entertaining those watching and we come out with helping a good cause. I really love that.

The winner can pick any charity he/she wants but I do reserve the right to opt for a more known charity (the winner will be asked an alternative charity in this case). Say, if donating via online is difficult or if they take a percentage of the donation for their own interests. We aim to donate towards the most appealing charity. I've donated both for Mister LS 2016 and for the San Andreas Elections at the start of the year and I've had no real issues donating towards a charity so I wouldn't worry about it. This is more of a safety net more than anything.

In regards to public voting, is there any concern as to whether the scale may be tipped toward a more "popular" community member? Is your team trying to prevent that from happening?

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, hurdle to jump over is the popularity contest. It's unquestionable that those with a name more recognizable may get a few more votes and trying to combat that isn't really possible. Trying to fight it by installing severe restrictions and checkpoints in voting will only make the competition less accessible and less enjoyable. While setting up the competition you have to come to terms that there are some things you cannot control; that you have to put faith in the forum to pick the rightful winner.

A forum is a soup of opinions that all mix together. Creating a wall to separate those opinions not only takes away the fun but also the whole point of a public vote. My only real advice for those that feel like an underdog is to be dedicated. Work hard on your submission, be kind and respectful, promote your entry where you can but above all have fun. Entering just for the medal and/or picking a charity is a great motive but above all else one should participate to enjoy themselves.

Are there any other future additions / segments for the upcoming rounds (or maybe for next year)?

There were a lot of changes made on the fly last year as points were raised and we had to adapt to make the competition as fair as possible as well as including things we thought would be interesting. I've got no doubt in my mind that changes will be made between rounds but for the most part the structure is already built. Depending on how the first round goes there may be some more additions such as another Meet & Greet for those that make it through the second round. The Mister LS competition is always open-minded and wants to serve the forum members as best as it can. A game for the people by the people. As for next year we plan to buy airline tickets and do it in person on a beach somewhere. Oh, how I wish that was possible.

GTAForums currently has a total of 15,134,488 posts (+6,813 from last week) and 718,768 members (+315 from last week) at the time this is being posted.



























Welcome to the thirty-sixth week of Rockstar Central! I’m your host, Spider-Vice, and we’ll be highlighting this week’s happenings in the Rockstar Universe.



L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire for PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch has been released this week! Accumulating some positive reviews especially for the Nintendo Switch, it’s very well worth a grab if you have never played the game, want an enhanced version, or want to do some detective work on the go with the Nintendo Switch! Reminder that the HTC Vive version is coming some time in December, after being delayed by Take-Two.

GTA Online

The Tesl.. The Coil Cyclone is finally available in GTA Online! A cyclonically quick electric car, you can now ride to the moon while being environmentally conscious! The new vehicle is now available at Legendary Motorsport.

This week, more double GTA$ and RP bonuses for the masses. The Motor Wars PUBG-inspired Adversary Mode is offering double money and reputation, so be sure to go and test your survival skills in a permanently-shrinking arena! The new Transform Races are also offering double GTA$ and RP this week, and so is Bodyguard work – helping your CEO is no longer underpaid! Until the 20th of November.

As for discounts, Rockstar are offering 25% off (through the 20th):

- Biker Clubhouse Customisations

- Biker Business Upgrades

- Anti-Aircraft Trailers (Buy Now and Trade prices)

- Gunrunning Tattoos

- Ultralight (both prices)

- Aircraft Weapons

- Assault Rifles

- Sniper Rifles

- Technical Aqua (both prices)

- Turreted Limo

If Transform races aren’t for you and you’re looking for extra competition, here’s the Premium Race and the Time Trial of the week:

- Premium Race: “Zebra”, locked to sports cars

- Time Trial: “Mount Gordo”

Community Highlight: Mr. Los Santos 2017

The so coveted Los Santos fashion contest is now back, and this time it’s focusing on the male populace of San Andreas! Sponsored by Bob Mulét Hair & Beauty and organised by the offices of the SACHANDLER, these guys are looking for the next candidate for the Mister Los Santos contest this year. The first round runs until the 27th of November.

There is a very simple set of rules for your submission:

- You need to submit five pictures of your subject.

- Only one character per member.

- Background story for a character is heavily encouraged.

- Your GTAForums account must be older than two weeks in order to participate and vote.

- PC mods are strictly forbidden.

- Glitched outfits are discouraged, and glitched outfits only attainable in previous game versions are forbidden.

- Rockstar Editor and its Filters (or Snapmatic) are allowed.

Check out the link in the title for more information on the judges, the evaluation criteria, and more information. Good luck!





















































Childish Gambino - 3005






Also known as “V. 3005” on the album, it was the lead single off Donald Glover’s 2013 critically acclaimed album, Because The Internet, his second studio album under the name Childish Gambino. In the track, Glover describes his existential insecurities and thoughts with a catchy electronic infused beat.



Album: Because The Internet



Genre: Hip-hop



Release Date: December 10, 2013



Label(s): Glassnote/Island



Writer(s): Donald Glover, Ludwig Göransson, Stefan Ponce






- Editor & Publisher, Topics/Snaps of the Week



- GTAForums News



@Ash_735 - Get Modified



@slohbur - Graphics Assistant



@Spider-Vice - Rockstar Central



@Testarossa - Track of the Week



@unbid - Interviewer




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I'm actually not a judge, I'm simply the host. It's no biggie, I'd avoid saying I was the face of the comp seeing how mine looks. :p

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Alchie! This is so cool! Massive shoutout to the readers for continued support of the GtaF Weekly Issues. The Weekly Issue is like the star on top of the Christmas tree.

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Great issue and great interview! :D

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Next week's is going to be the b*mb. ;)

Edited by Star-Lord
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