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Help performing function on every ped in ped array

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I'm trying to perform the functions GET_PED_TYPE and IS_PED_IN_ANY_VEHICLE on every ped in the ped array of peds near me (using World.GetNearbyPeds(Game.Player.Character.Position, 200f)). I'm stuck here, I'm trying to check for any ped near me that is in a vehicle, and if he is in the vehicle, if he is a gang member and if so, I want to change the relationship group so he no longer attacks "Hated" peds and causes traffic jams.

Edited by Dev614

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I've been trying to set up a loop to no avail.


Would it go something like this?

?? and then follow it with an if statement checking if it's equal to a certain value? I'm just learning to code, forgive my ignorance.

Ped[] peds = World.GetNearbyPeds(Game.Player.Character.Position, 200f);foreach (Ped p in peds){        Function.Call(Hash.GET_PED_TYPE);}

Or would a for statement be better? Something like:

Ped[] peds = World.GetNearbyPeds(Game.Player.Character.Position, 200f);int pedcount = peds.Length;for (int i = 1; i <= pedcount; i++){      Function.Call(Hash.GET_PED_TYPE);}
Edited by Dev614

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@ikt I've got the script up and running using that foreach function, just a little edited. Thank you for the resource! I was experimenting with the foreach function earlier but I set it up wrong, the resource you shared showed me my error. I appreciate it! :)

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