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Hitman TV Series: John Wick Writer to Produce

Mister Pink

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Derek Kolstad, writer of the John Wick movies, has teamed up with 21st Century Fox and Hulu to pen and co-produce a TV series based on IO Interactive's Hitman series. He'll be working with producers Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon, who helped produce the past two Hitman films.




The kid in me is excited by this idea. I loved the John Wick films, especially the second one. I love the Hitman series (although still need to play the most recent one, just played the first map in Paris) so this is a great match.


It will be interesting how Hitman can be developed in the long-format as a TV series. It might be the right platform for good character development sprinkled with the great action we know Kolstad can write.


I'm optimistic that good film/tv adaptations of games is possible. Unfortunately, for most adaptations they don't have the strong writers, the budget seems to go straight to leading actors while the writing department leaves a lot to be desired. With Koldstad producing, hopefully we'll get great casting - even if the actors aren't A-list seat-magnets I would prefer an "unknown" actor if it meant more money going to writing and cinematography and also for the fact that familiar faces can some times be detrimental to certain roles as it can be hard to separate the actor from the character.


Maybe 21st Century and Hulu are smart to see that TV series are where it's at now and the longer form will give time to develop the Hitman universe, something that a video game can do easily over 25+ hours that a normal feature film struggles with in 2hrs.

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It'd be interesting to see how (if they manage to pull it off) the classic Hitman style and feel will be adopted into a TV series. Here's hoping that 47 won't become a John Wick clone, because then this whole thing would just end up like the mediocre Hitman movies: enjoyable on their own but way off the intended mark.

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This could be a fairly dominant show, depending on it's fighting choreography. It could straight up compete with DareDevil and Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes, if it utilises the fighting and the gun fu right. Going all tactical like JWick in his sequel and other sequences of the like would be great. This is all wishful thinking but this could be great.

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