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I am getting Fatal error: EFC20 every time I launch GTA 4. Every single detail has been described in the description. Please help.



Hi guys. This is Mirza Taimoor Baig from Karachi, Pakistan. Recently I got a new GPU Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050ti Windforce OC G1. I placed it in my PC, installed a fresh Windows 10 Home x64. Updated all drivers and softwares. Every game started running absolutely fine.

I installed GTA 4 completely. I DID NOT INSTALLED RGSC. Then I downloaded GTA IV Patch 1080. Installed it.


And now when I try to launch the game I get this error:

"The ordinal 5372 could not be located in the dynamic link library E:\Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\GTAIV.exe"


I searched internet and downloaded a file named xliveless. Pasted in my GTA IV folder. And now I am getting this error:

"GTA IV FATAL ERROR: EFC20. Invalid resource detected - Please re-install the game."


I again searched internet and downloaded a folder named "src" containing these files: compile(batch file), compile_with_trace(batch file), stdafx.h, xlive.def, xlive.lib, xliveless.cpp, xliveless.h


I pasted them in my gta 4 folder. Still getting that fatal error.


Please help. This is my first question on this forum. Thanks in advance.


Patch works fine with this setup of gta 4. But it has a bug and do not supports my GPU.

Edited by taimoorbaig382

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