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What do you miss the most from old gen


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I mostly miss special crate drops and armored trucks.

Edited by BLADE_San_Andreas
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The simplicity. Not knowing if the white blip on the map was a guy with no shirt on fighting the cops or a tank. Not having money being a big factor in how one progressed through GTA:O. When CEO office and crates was the most expensive thing you could do but didn't affect your gameplay. Now it's a bunker and funding research to get flying missile bikes and hangars with bomb-dropping planes. It's such a different picture than what GTA:O started off as.

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Crate Drops

Armored Trucks

Smuggler Planes(They were glitched 80% of the time, but I loved the quick big payout)

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Properly working helmets.

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Pretty much everything besides the lag.

Honestly I have not really enjoyed the game much at all since transfer.

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That feeling of the game still being new and fresh, honestly. That's not meant to be a complaint, but I enter lobbies a completely different player than I was back when I was playing on last-gen, for better or for worse.

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My unlimited Ammo, Snacks and Armor.

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Yeah. I totally miss getting turned into a tree or getting sent flying in the air. Or getting set on fire.


Or getting all my money and rank removed from me. Yeeeeah. I'd do anything to go back to those days.

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... When CEO office and crates was the most expensive thing you could do but didn't affect your gameplay...

Eh, Joker, aren't you too nostalgic? There was no such thing as VIP work on the old gen! The entire concept of organisations was introduced with Executives and other criminals, current gen exclusive update.


But I agree with you on simplicity hands down.

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Armored trucks, Simeon's special vehicles, those planes you had to take down in freeroam, missions like Coveted and Potshot, and pretty much any other easy way to earn money.

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.Diana McFarland.

EVERYTHING was relevant.

Races, Contact missions, Store robberies, findign random cars to sell...

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I played the PS3 version the other day and tried to find a race... I found it quickly and to my "surprise"... It wasnt a frickin stunt race!! Wow this was so cool. In my experience it is too hard to find a street race in current-gen... Everyone does stunt races... And now this stupid transform races... Why cant we select the kind of race we are looking for then?


I have to agree with everyone who mentioned the simplicity.


Got no crate drops though :(

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Ah man, the nostalgia, agh, it's hitting me. Hmm, where to begin? I don't miss one thing. I miss several things.


1. The ever so eluding criminal mastermind challenge, it was so impossible with those dumb f*cks last gen, and possibly pointless with character transfers ending.


2. Being able to change the color or fabric of whatever accessory came with female hairstyles. The made it change with the color of your hair in next gen, and it looks horrendous.


3. And 3? The simplicity, everything after Ill gotten gains was f*cking ludicrous. That marked the age of outrageous prices, and the never ending, lone wolf hunting season.


Hate to say it, but I kind of miss old gen. Normally I wouldn't, but it sounds like heaven compared to now.

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If I'm going to be completely honest, nothing.


There were many flaws on LG, mod menus aside, passive mode was a let down seeing as you could still be killed. CG corrected the issue by making players transluscent.


If I had to choose something though, it would probably be that new vehicles were decently priced.

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It was such a buggy mess. Trying online on New gen for the first time was like experiencing a sex change, no lie.

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Choice. My original account. Not knowing much outside the game.


Yeah, full of cheats. But that was easy to avoid and we didn't get excluded from any content by having a solo/friend/crew/invite only session, and everything within the game felt relevant and even maintained, events, added missions etc.


My original account. Made it around 18 months, maybe a tad longer, before getting hit by modders throwing cash around, I lost it all as when I knew I was transferring, I made a new and started again, but that old account had all awards, the platinum, the lot... My 2nd account easily made more cash, but we needed to in order to access new sh*t in the end, but back then, i really never though about cash in this game...


My naivety, and that 'big map' feel... Now I know it's a cash cow, I've lost something too. And the map is so small now as I know most everything/all shortcuts, well, my shortcuts anyhow... Too samey, not helped by the freemode businesses, I feel...Simpler times back then, the game looks much better now, has so much added over the years too, but so much I feel is lost. I'll not ramble, and much has been said by others, freemode activities etc. But for sure, research was the last thing I'd have seen coming. (Yeah, still gonna pound that one, lol, I hate it with a passion).


* Old friends/crew members that have quit long since coming over and being put off.

Edited by KWF1981
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See, I'd like to fudge it somewhat - I miss current-gen, but around the time of the cut-off point with last-gen.

Better character models, better textures, extra features, improved performance - those things really helped turn a promising game into a great one (albeit one with plenty of untapped potential).

...then R* decided to swap immersive, diegetic Freemode activities with silly, context-free party games, started screwing around with existing features, giving entire aspects of the game the bare minimum focus compared to earlier updates, and then in 2016, heading full-on into the current trajectory of public-Freemode-only game modes, expensive high-end vehicles above all else, adversary mode upon adversary mode (to be played once while the double-money/RP is active, then discarded forevermore), and finally gimmick vehicles and million dollar paywalls.


And all that, and that untapped potential I mentioned before? Still untapped. :turn:

So yeah, I miss how much I enjoyed the game around Summer 2015 - and with the benefit of hindsight, given a choice between a GTAO with bunkers, 'weaponized' vehicles, Freemode Events, research, SecuroServ, et al, or R* just drawing a line under GTAO entirely with the release of Ill-Gotten Gains 2? Unless something like this Hipster 2 update finally makes good on some of that potential, I'm going to have to go with the latter.

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Is this The Guy?

Crate drops

The dupe glitches

The ability to buy and test update vehicles in story mode

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The ability to buy and test update vehicles in story mode


Forgot that!.


Story mode getting the latest cars/guns added.

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Not having jet-bikes with 20K insurance on them. Back then the worst example of insurance not making sense was the Kuruma, or a car reversing on you (ignoring that period where you paid if tanks blew up your car, though that at least repaid the favour to the super cars).


If I remember correctly, you couldn't buy ammo through the interaction menu too. Though that might've been on last gen too, not sure.

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