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GTA3 for Windows 7

Ray Carter

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I saw this was a common issue, but could not find a definitive solution. GTA3 won't open on Windows 7. It installs fine but the game does not run. I've confirmed this by opening Task Manager. I tried running GTA3 in compatibility mode and selecting Vista, XP and 2000 and none worked. On another note, GTA San Andreas works fine but I bought this copy about four years ago where as my GTA3 is probably over ten years old. I thought about buying a new copy but could not find any proof that there was even a new version compatible with newer operating systems. I'm shocked that classic GTA games are not made available for newer operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 9 and 10. Or, have I missed something here?

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As with San Andreas on Win10 set compatability to win xp and install game as admin.


I made the mistake with San Andreas and when i first played it it would be fine but any later plays it refused to work, using the above it loads everytime now.

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Install Ultimate ASI Loader and SilentPatch. That should fix the issues on Windows 7 and newer systems.

The Ultimate ASI Loader came with the dinput8.dll that I didn't have already in my GTA3 Folder. Anyway, I replaced both DLL files that I DID have (drvmgt.dll & mss32.dll), one at a time, and neither of them helped. Silent Patch also seemed to do nothing.


It worked after finding out there was an official patch released by Rockstar called 1.1. It was released in 2011 and I've had GTA3 longer than six years. That's what has fixed it.

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