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GradeOneRPC - GTA V - PC - Member Recruitment

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GradeOneRPC is a community based around British Policing for GTA V. We have a unique pack for FiveM (A GTA Modification Network) along with an experienced Command Structure to ensure that our roleplay is to the best standards it possibly can be.

We currently have 4 different available career paths available within GradeOneRPC.

If you want to protect the community and make the streets safer from crime then why not apply to join the Blackbridge Police Constabulary where you and your fellow colleagues can deal with a wide range of crime to helping members of the public.

If your thinking that you would rather play the role of a usual face on the street where you can create a diverse range of calls for our officers to respond too then apply to our Civilian role.

Still not your thing?,

Well perhaps you are interested in becoming one of the specialised members of the Blackbridge Ambulance Service or even the Blackbridge Fire and Rescue Service where you can put your specialist training to work helping out members of the community then apply now to our Divisional Support Team

Or if you would prefer an out of game role then apply to our Force Control Room. We strive for professionalism in our patrols and the elite training involved in our Control Room Operator roles means that you will be the voice in charge of dispatching our units.

If you would like to arrange an interview to join GradeOneRPC then please apply through our website below.

Our Website is: https://gradeonerpc.enjin.com/careers

SC Link - (Not used) - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gorpcommunity_

Edited by A.Churchill

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