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What's your profile on the LSPD database?


Recommended Posts

Remember the LCPD database from GTA IV, that had files on nearly every single character from the game's story mode and what crimes they had commited in the past and present? If you could access the LSPD database to take a look at your character's criminal record, what would it look like?


As for myself, it'd look something like this:


Surname: Daniel


First name: Alencar


Common alias: Mister Owl, The Sadistic Owl, Coruja, Danny


Age: 27.


Place of birth: São Paulo, Brazil.


Affiliations: Linked to various crime bosses across San Andreas, most notably a hired gunman for the head of the Mexican-American drug cartel, Martin Madrazo. Also affiliated to The Families.


Criminal record:

  1. 2014 - Armed Robbery, DUI, Grand Theft Auto, Hijacking, Hit and Run, Invasion of government property, Jaywalking, Manslaughter, Possession and use of illegal substances, Shoplifting, Theft, Vandalism, Terrorism, Trespassing.
  2. 2015 - Aiding Maxim Rashkovsky's escape from Bolingbroke Penitentiary, Bank Robbery, Smuggling illegal substances across Sandy Shores, Theft of government data.
  3. 2016 - Gang Formation, Smuggling ill-gotten goods such as contraband and vehicles.
  4. 2017 - Smuggling weapons and contraband across the state of San Andreas.


  • Fanatic for firearms and extremely experienced with them.
  • Head of the criminal organization known as "Skynet", in a reference to the movie Terminator.
  • President of 1% motorcycle club "Dead End".
  • Extremely unpredictable.
  • Owns legally purchased weaponized aircraft such as the Hydra fighter jet and the Buzzard attack helicopter.
  • Over 10.8K confirmed kills on police officers.
  • Favorite radio station seems to be Radio Mirror Park.
  • Regularly drives a Rapid GT Classic.
  • Behavior has been described by some as "sadistic".
  • Rarely talks.
Edited by TheSadisticOwl
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.Diana McFarland.

this is alot to create


a difficult writing prompt


i applaud you sir

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That's too much to write. But +1 for creative


Mine would be simple.


Goes into clothing stores and bitch about the new "styles" when released.


(Outside of game)


Constantly throws r*/take2 under the bus when they do or say something stupid.


Started the boots with jeans movement crew

Edited by Quinn_flower
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That's too much to write. But +1 for creative


Mine would be simple.


Goes into clothing stores and bitch about the new "styles" when released.


(Outside of game)


Constantly throws r*/take2 under the bus when they do or say something stupid.


Started the boots with jeans movement crew

You forgot to add "Desperately looking for a job at Rockstar"

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That's too much to write. But +1 for creative


Mine would be simple.


Goes into clothing stores and bitch about the new "styles" when released.


(Outside of game)


Constantly throws r*/take2 under the bus when they do or say something stupid.


Started the boots with jeans movement crew

You forgot to add "Desperately looking for a job at Rockstar"I'm not desperate I'm just offering my help or services to make the clothing a bit better. Hey it's for you guys you know. Edited by Quinn_flower
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Wanted preferred dead not alive: Harbujahn




Crimes:Terrorism/mass murder/grand theft auto/drugs trafficking/goat theft/ign torture/glitching :miranda: (<rockstar police ''buy sharkcard or i hit u pu$$y'')

Age: Unknown

Last known location: Bolingbroke Penitentiary

Description: Black full facial tattoo and white face paint,rumored too be under the cover of a clown disguise

Status and threat: Extremely dangerous do not approach


Reward/Bounty : $10,000,000,000,

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Ok, lets' go!

Surname: Net


First name: Sanches


Common alias: S, Survived One, Pyro, Amputee rider, Snchz.


Age: Early 30s.


Place of birth: Moscow, Russia (2nd motherland - Beryozeno, Chernarus).


Affiliations: Outside of San Andreas - "R.E.D." militia, "Liberi Militum" merc agency. Inside of San Andreas - "D&S", affiliated to a Sants criminal family.


Criminal record:

  1. 2004 - Was caught in fight with a cinema producer's bodyguard.
  2. 2005 - Taking part in illegal eastern militia as a fire squad team member.
  3. 2007 - Illegal trespassing of Chernarus Quarantine Zone. Registered as official member of "Liberi Militum" mercenary agency.
  4. 2008 - Participating in several "Liberi Militum" agency's operations.
  5. 2013 - LSPD documents forgery. Assassination.
  6. 2015 - Illegal business establishment. Premeditated murder. Weaponry and vehicle smuggling.
  7. 2016 - LSPD data sabotage.


  • Always seen with a moto helmet on.
  • Missing left arm. Unusual prosthetic arm's color - red.
  • Was an owner of custom made tranquilizer Colt.
  • Most of the times seen with a man in orange suit.
  • Has 2 motorcycles parked near his house. Someone else is using the second.
  • Sometimes randomly lights matches.
  • Sometimes refers to a man called "Chief" who replaced him his biological father.
  • Wears scarf at any time of year.
  • Judging by his past with militia and mercenary agency, possibly that he has more or less military training.
  • Has knowledge of operating with civilian grade aircraft.
  • Obviously knows the basics of close quarter combat. Prosthetics gives advantage of blocking knives/sharp objects with his arm.
  • Showed acts of vigilante.
  • Appeared to have visual hallucinations at one point.
  • Seems to have no family inside of San Andreas or abroad.
  • Has basic knowledge of weapon and car mechanics.
  • While in close combat, often seen with a pistols. Strange aiming pose, possibly aims with the left eye.



I didn't bother with criminal record therms and it's not even 100% related to GTA O, looks more like a quent or something. But heeeeey... why not

Edited by Sanches
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mine would be too big, it would incluide everything from petty crimes, multiple robberies, all the way up to terrorism and mass murder.


if captured, my guy wont even get a trail, he would go straight to the electric chair 😂

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I'm simply a known associate of Trevor Philips...


They know me!.


Great read dude.

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That's too much to write. But +1 for creative


Mine would be simple.


Goes into clothing stores and bitch about the new "styles" when released.


(Outside of game)


Constantly throws r*/take2 under the bus when they do or say something stupid.


Started the boots with jeans movement crew

You forgot to add "Desperately looking for a job at Rockstar"
I'm not desperate I'm just offering my help or services to make the clothing a bit better. Hey it's for you guys you know.


So that's why ur so bitter. They rejected your bid for a job lol. Dont feel bad, r* seems like a terrible place to work. They literally fired their President over a butthurt ego trip :lol:

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The Wandering Hunter



has ability to resurrect upon death a short distance from where they were killed


avoid at all costs, report sightings to all authorities in order to evacuate their vicinity.


has murdered tens of thousands, it takes an average of 6 players or 11.5 npcs to kill them.

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Black Terminator

Surname: Black Widow


First Name: Vanessa


Common Alias: Forest Outlaw, Street Shadow, Widow Of Death


Age: 26


Place of birth: Liberty City


Affiliations: Unknown



(2009) Arson right after getting her High School Diploma with her Step Brother Jr, The Joker.(Same Age and Class.)

(2010) Robbing A College Store during College Class, caught at the last second and then killed the college cop, Disorderly Conduct, First Degree Murder During a Football Game.

(2011) Robbed Maze Bank In Liberty City with The Joker and never got caught.

(2012) First Degree and Second Degree Murder in The Liberty City Hospital( A Replacement After her brother was nowhere to be found, rumored he skipped town to lead a gang in Vice City.)

(2013) Was sent to the mental hospital but then escaped after many doctors murdered at her hands with a knife where she hide it under her pillow and then murdered her college professors after they expelled her.

(2014) Liberty City Heist and then in the fall went to Vice City to blow up The Clubs.

(2015) Arrived In Los Santos and was reunited with Jr Joker. Many murders, robberies and multiple arsons. Plus starting wars with the NPC, LSPD and her now target Michelle Karen.


Last Seen: In the sky with her Oppressor.


Favorite Vehicle: Brawler


Favorite Gun: Combat MG And MiniGun


Favorite Tattoo: Spider web on her cheek.


Likes To Be Called Widow and changed her last name before leaving Liberty City.


Big Fan of Muscle Cars and Sports Cars.


Dislikes: SUV's and Gang Cars.


Always wears black studded gloves.


Attire: Mostly Punk Rocker Clothes.


PS: This is just only half of the story.

Edited by Black Terminator
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Surname: Winsfold

First name: Xanadu

Common alias: The Cougar

Birth date: December 9th, 1969

Place of birth: Vice City

Height: 5'9 - 6'2 with heels

Affiliations: Known escort to various criminal bosses

Criminal record/Convictions:

  1. 1986 - Assaulted members of the band Love Fist, smeared various bodily fluids over their limousine. Arrested in Vice City after a Love Fist show.
  2. 1992 - Public exposure, riding a bicycle with no seat in the nude yelling, "stop me if you can". Arrested in San Andreas.
  3. 2001 - Linked to bank robbery, confessed to sleeping with bank janitor to access classified information. Arrested in Liberty City.
  4. 2009 - Drug usage in various night clubs, most notably Maisonette 9. Arrested in Liberty City.
  5. 2013 - Ongoing investigation pertaining various criminal activity. Being investigated in San Andreas.


  • Underwent sex change in the late 70's.
  • Adult video released in the 80's with various partners and a donkey.
  • Alcoholic, drink of choice being piña coladas.
  • Master in flirtation and infiltration.
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Surname: Cavanaugh


First name: Brody


Common alias: Unknown


Age: 24


Place of birth: Leftwood, Alderney.



Criminal record:



  • President of SpandX Pckg Co., front used for car stealing and selling vehicles based off Lombank West, Del Perro.
  • Owns bunker at Smoke Tree Road.
  • Extremely skillful at evading arrest.
  • Well known dislike for law enforcement agents. Approach with extreme caution.
  • Over 24K confirmed kills on police officers and 2,800 NOOSE agents. (See above)
  • Has near-complete immunity while selling vehicles.
  • Unusual liking for skintight garments.
  • Mostly seen in red Turismo Classic.
  • Spent nearly $100 million on vehicles and modifications.
Edited by Mr_No
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Surname: unknown


First name: unknown


Common alias: 'El Jefe', 'o patrão', & 'T-Bone'.


Age: Early 30's.


Place of birth: 'Murica.


Affiliations: No known affiliations in the last 2 years. Previously, rumored small time stints for crime syndicate, big wig, Martin Madrazo, and a small town meth head; Ronald Jakowski, with known links to big time buyers and traffickers, himself. Also, rumored dealings with a little known computer hacker, Lester Crest, and one of the biggest heists of the Pacific Standard Bank.


Criminal record: *CLASSIFIED*



  • Rumored to be the owner of the multi-million dollar company known as "BC Enterprises". Dealing in premium vehicle exports, arms trafficking and high-end jewelry trade.
  • Rumored Small time side gig as President of the motorcycle club known only as the "High Rollers". Dealing in heavy narcotics trafficking, mostly to the Blaine County and Paleto Bay area(s), in product such as Cocaine and Marijuana. Mainly, cocaine.
  • Incredibly intelligent.
  • Owner of legally purchased weaponized aircraft such as the Hydra fighter jet and the Buzzard attack helicopter.
  • Over 15.5k confirmed kills on police officers. Over 1200 on NOOSE.
  • Can be caught out and about, rarely, at places such as the Vanilla Unicorn and Ponsonby's. Drives high end cars of either black or white, only. Limo rated, window tint. Black plates.
  • Can rarely be seen on his Yacht near the airport. Beware of AA systems for those wishing to get a birds eye view.
  • Very slick. No actual convictions.
  • Should you encounter this individual, remain highly vigilante, but extremely cautious.
Edited by Semaj 2JZ♢
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Real name: Maria

Common alias: The Black Mamba

Birthdate:january 15,1985

Place of Birth:liberty city



Affliations: Universalexports company and various car theft rings and Motorcycle clubs

Criminal record/convictions:

1.1996: arrested for assult on a mounted police officer when she scared the horse he was on with a plastic rat

2.1999:held over a dozen people hostage at the bank of liberty branch in lower algoquin on new years eve.when She was arrested she was quoted as saying:"its the end of the world why not have some friends with you?"

3.2002-2005:Went on a nationwide Bankrobbery wave that lasted three years and netted her over 25 million dollars in bonds and Gold bullion.To date no money has been ever recovered,rumored to have killed her accomplaces

4.2005-2013:Maria was sited in various places, she's wanted for crimes ranging from terrorism to drug trafficking, if seen use extreme force if necessary.


She has expensive tastes in cars and clothes

she's rumored to have stolen a savage helicopter from ft zancundo so be on the look out


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Yo why are some criminal records classified if this is in the LSPD database. :lol:

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Yo why are some criminal records classified if this is in the LSPD database. :lol:

Good question. Being on the IAA's good side definitely helps. ;)

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I just spent 15 minutes writing sh*t and realized I ain't feeling this. Too many personas, and frankly feels like character back story thread.


Good effort though.

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Yo why are some criminal records classified if this is in the LSPD database. :lol:

Not that I'm admitting anything, but I'd assume the list of failed prosecutions would undermine the top brass to the point of looking bad, so they thought it'd be best to keep it hush, hush...🤔😎
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Bruce Khansey

Cool, let's do this.

Surname: Talpabrother

First name: Bruce

Common alias: Talpa

Age: nearly 28.

Place of birth: Somewhere in the North of Italy.


- CEO of the "Han Tasee" organization

- President of the "Aces High" Motorcycle Club

- Boss of an import/export, gunrunning and contraband business

- Member of an unregistered and unknown crew of four members, which is now down to two

Criminal record:


2017 - rise of all his criminal activities, involved in all the major heists of the state, stealing/selling cars, goods and weapons for dozens of million $




- Lone wanderer who rarely joins associations/griups of people

- Totally unpredictable: he could both risk his life for a random guy or either hunt him down across the state to kill him with a bullet in the head

- Suffers of multiple-personality disorder; he's been spotted in various outfits, for instance with a raccoon or a monkey mask

- The last report says he's been spotted dressed all in leather with a hockey mask

- Absolutely loves using a heavy revoler or a Combat MG MKII

- You can find him most of the times driving a Dinka Akuma or cruising with a Buzzard or a Hydra



Other notes to come I think.

Edited by Bruce Khansey
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Very creative thread! Here we go for both characters!




Character 1:

Surname: n/a


Name: Project B-62R


Common Alias: REXX, The Subject


Sex: Male (pre-Humane Labs) | None (post-Humane Labs)/Robotic


Age:45 (theoretically)


Place of Birth: Los Santos (pre-experiment)


Affilations: Linked to the Research Ether 20 cybernetic organism project developed by the San Andreas government and Humane Labs.


Criminal Records (pre-Humane Labs experiment):




Criminal Records (post-Humane Labs experiment):


2014 - Present: Wanted by the US Government after escaping from Humane Labs.




- Possesses inhuman abilities.


- Highly skilled with a variety of weapons.


- Requires special glasses as its cybernetic eyes are light-sensitive.


- Has a comprehensive voice recognition installed.




Character 2:

Surname: Unknown (I never actually gave her one)


Name: Alexa


Common Alias: The Hotchick


Sex: Female


Age: 26


Place of Birth: England, United Kingdom


Affilations: Direct contact with the government and British Army. Connected to the closure of various gang related crews.


Criminal Records:


2014 - Present: Currentlyassits the Humane Labs escapee Project B62R in exchange for information on her parents murderers.




- Fifteen years of tactical and military training.


- Extremely skilled with weapons (especially the Pistol .50 and Pistol MKII).


- Owns a large collection of sports and off-road motorcycles.


- Known for owning a Pegassi Bati 801 with a license plate: H0TCH1CK.


- Enjoys adventures.

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Surname: Unknown


First name: Unknown


Common alias: Lonewolf


Age: Mid 30s


Place of birth: Unknown. Rumoured UK.


Affiliations: Has worked extensively with Lester Crest, Securoserv and "Agent 14". Rumoured to seriously dislike LJT.


Criminal record:



2014 - General low level thuggery.



2015 - A few small bank robberies and prison breaks. Aided Trevor Philips in obtaining various controlled substances. Theft of military grade aircraft. Managed to rob Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank more times than we can count, often multiple hits a day.



2016 - Formed Lonewolf Inc. based in Lombank West. Moved hundreds of crates of illegal goods across the state.


Also formed Lonewolf MC in Sandy Shores before moving to Vespucci Beach. All related businesses appear to have been closed due to the rift with LJT.


Moved into selling stolen high end vehicles in mid December, this activity has been particularly prolific, mostly using Cargobob helicopters.



2017 - Continues to move vast amounts of stolen automobiles.


Smuggling weapons, possibly from a location in Chumash.


Has very rarely been observed moving goods in and out of Fort Zancudo.




Despite being a mass murderer, is known to dislike public combat situations.


Obsessive car and bike collector. Buys property around the State that he never visits solely to house his collections.


Works almost exclusively alone, hense the Lonewolf company and Yacht names. Has the ability to make the city seem completely empty when he wants to conduct his business activities.


Has never been heard speaking. Takes messages and hangs up.

Edited by ALifeOfMisery
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Name: Lucas "Super Homie" Lopez

Age: 23

Suspected Crimes: Grand Theft Auto, Robbery, Murder, Racketeering, Money Laundering, Narcotics trafficking, Trespassing, Hacking, Arms dealing, Pimping, Battery, Arson, Theft, Kidnapping, GBH, Terrorism, Illegal Street Racing, Vigilantism, Illegal betting, Stock Market manipulation, Illegal vehicle modification etc

Known Hangouts: Cucamonga, Grove Street, Idlewood, Paleto Bay, Vinewood, Broker, Las Venturas

Known Associates: Lamar Davis, Lester Crest, Franklin Clinton, Trevor Phillips, Martin Madrazzo, Grove Street Gang

Notes: Believed to possess super abilities, unconfirmed

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Muppet Stomper @ Large. With a picture of bits,bones & pieces of destroyed Oppressors in the back grounds smolderings


As I smoke a Cigarette,...of course.


"You Know the Business"




:) I Chang

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Character #1:


(Placeholder Picture):





Surname: Unknown (doesn't have one)


First Name: Alex


Gender: Male


Born: November 13, 1993 - Toronto, ON, Canada


Age: 24


Affiliations: Known commander and leader of a paramilitary group named "Wolf Operations". Heavily armed and has been known to use prototype technology and futuristic technology. Under no circumstances are you to engage this person alone.


Criminal Record: (Clearance Level 9 case. You are authorized access. - IAA database)


2015 - Recently popped up on LSPD radar. Escorting a known russian terrorist and scientist out of the prison. All attempts to halt them were failed, and the prisoner escaped on a plane with the accomplishes (including Alex) escaped. No known area last seen.

- Stolen documents from local government laboratory. Merryweather attempted to stop them but they were utterly defeated by three other accomplices, one on foot with him, and two in a Valkyrie attack chopper. Accomplices' identities are unknown.

- Major cases of terrorism, espionage and property damage. Killed over 3 thousand military troops this year and has captured a local area in Paleto Bay, reasons unknown.


2016 - One case of espionage. Caught on CCTV stealing highly classified govermental documents from the Federal Investigation Bureau's head of office. Last seen location was the 35th floor at a window. CCTV was lost at this moment.


2017 - Extreme cases of terrorism, espionage, arms smuggling, property damage, murder, and manslaughter. Has been spotted in a HVY Insurgent Pick-Up, seems to be a custom-made variant. Has been also seen in a HVY APC, Buckingham Valkyrie, Mammoth Hydra, and Rhino Tanks. There have been countless more vehicles, and more importantly, accomplices, but none have been found/identified.



- The military is working on giving this individual and his army permanent access to Fort Zancudo, in exchange for no more civilian deaths, military personnel deaths, and property damage. Agreement underway.

- This is a Clearance 9 individual. Any lower clearance level personnel will be terminated if they access this case.

- Under any circumstances, do not approach this individual alone or with underpowered men.

- Was spotted in a Los Santos International terminal in 2014. Seemed suspicious, but no business there as he was coming in to Los Santos for the first recorded time.

- There has been rumours of a "precursor" of such to this person, known as "Dave".





Character #2: (currently under development m8s)




Surname: Unknown (never had one)


First Name: Daniella


Gender: Female


Born: April 16, 1994 - Los Santos, SA, United States


Age: 23


Affiliations: Known Colonel of the paramilitary organization known as "Wolf Operations". Used to be a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, and served in the Iraqi Wars for two years, being dishonourably discharged for not following orders and risking her life to save a fellow comrade, who was shot anyways by her commanding officer.


Criminal Record: (Clearance Level 10 case. You are authorized access. - IAA database)


2012 - Assasinated her ex- commanding officer after being dishonourably discharged for no known reason. She shot him while he was on parade with a Heavy Sniper rifle in the head. He died instantaneous and she escaped unharmed. She is rumoured to be mentally unstable at the time of this update.


2015 - Stealing a classified biochemical agent from a govermental laboratory.


2017 - Arms smuggling and manslaughter. Shown extreme brutality against police officer and military officials, known to use a torture act known as the "Parrilla" on certain victims, who are usually govermental officials who were in coherts with the officer she assasinated. (temporary)



- Extremely hostile towards officers of authority. Do not approach.

- This is a Clearance 10 individual. Any lower clearance level personnel will be terminated if they access this case.


(allan, please change placeholder text)

Edited by PwnageSoldier
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