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[GTA SA Official Basketaball]


Recommended Posts

Release date: Initially in 2004, with a second release in 2014.

Origin Info:

Was a part of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas promotional merchandise back in 2004, and was

probably in stock at Rockstar Games Warehouse at the time. Marking the 10th Anniversary of

GTA: San Andreas in 2014 - should we say that Christmas came earlier that year, since this

one was in stock at Rockstar Warehouse in January of 2014 when nets were swishing once again,

but as of recently it isn't available at Rcokstar Warehouse anymore.

Status and Availability:

Not that common to see, but many of these actually found their way to e-commerce sites, some time

later, so even though the exact number of these is unknown, we can assume the quantities are somewhat

greater. One important thing to note would be, that it is possible that we are talking about 2 different editions,

identical to one another, but possibly they were made in different countries. The first one being made in

Malaysia and the second one - which is still unproven - potentially - somewhere else.

If they are in fact, made in the same country, this matter is regarded as simple " re-release " and there's no

need for grading them differently.


Official San Andreas Basketball


If we are considering there are actually two different versions, the first one would be rated slightly rarer than

the second one. The 1st Edition would be graded anything between Very Rare to Extremely Rare, while the

2nd Edition would be simply Rare. Observing it as one edition, it would be Rare to Very Rare.

Price: Initial Price at RWH in 2014 was 16.00 EUR.

Notes: Turns out, The Second Edition Official San Andreas Basketball was made in China.


Photo Credits: Mosavon

Owners: 1 ( Mosavon )




Edited by ChengizVlad09
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