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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

//Mister Los Santos 2017 - Just The Tip\\

Mr. Los Santos

Recommended Posts

Mr. Los Santos



Now ain't you a sight for a sore pelvis!

Welcome to the offices of San Andreas' Committee for Hiring and Advocating Narcissistic Dongs with Experience Rentals, SACHANDLER for short. Just like our candidates our name sure is a mouthful! Now you're here because you saw our ad in the papers, correct? As you probably know we're currently in high demand for male models may it be a fashion show presented by Ponsonbys or a Richard Majestics Productions needing an extra with a good face or a dad bod. We here at SACHANDLER accept male portfolios who are looking for work but we do have something special happening this time of year. Out of all the candidates that submit their portfolio our team will pick out a handsome gentleman to be crowned Mister Los Santos 2017!

Here's the rundown on how it works:

The grand winner will receive a forum medal/award such as this one:


Not only that but the grand winner will be eligible to pick out a charity of their choice to which $50 will be donated to!

2nd & 3rd Place will each receive a forum medal for their participation as Runner-Ups including a one year internship at Bob Mulét's hair salon.
  • The preliminary stage is an open-admission to all. Be sure to read the rules and criteria for your entry. All entries will be judged by our judges panel.
  • The second stage will feature the top twenty (20) men that have been chosen by the judges. This stage will feature votes both by the judges and the members of the public.
  • The final stage will present a nail-biting eight (8) men that have passed through the second stage. A winner will be crowned by the members of the public.

The first round will end on November 27th, Monday @
8:59PM PST//9:59PM MST//10:59PM CST//11:59PM EST
4:59AM GMT (Tues.)//6:59AM EET (Tues.)
3:59PM AEDT (Tues.)//5:59PM NZDT (Tues.)

Now if you're ready to proceed please sign your name here, here, and here. Good, now spread your legs and cough twice...



An avid photographer of vehicles as well as his two male characters, R3CON has taken more pictures than you can shake a selfie-stick at. Rooted deeply in the forum's veins he can be found scouring photo threads, controversial topics and various GTA communities; always on the lookout for a good story to tell. His eye for character is admirable as is his ability to buck conventional wisdom. Alongside having a head on his shoulders, he's hosted two forum games (one notably being a forum members Elimination Game), landed a win in the Weekly Snapmatic Contest and produced countless graphs in previous Elimination Games. With a background in writing he's got a soft spot for authentic bios, posts, and the many love letters that The Cougar sent him. He hasn't replied to any of them yet.


Bringing along the first ever Mister Los Santos was as evident as his masculinity. Mach1bud boasts another win as a 10 time winner in the Weekly Snapmatic Contest resulting in a 10 time judge position. Alongside that he's also been a judge for the Miss Los Santos 2016 competition, the nail scratch marks on his arms are proof of it. Let's not forget his role as creator and host of The Weekly Vehicle Showdown series, pairing vehicles up against one another. He has many tips to give in photography such as different backgrounds, moody scenes and automotive shots. We sure love a guy with a good tip to give!


If there's one person that should have their own statue in Los Santos it's Amy Vinewood. The Game Master herself, Amy has been hosting the Elimination Games series for well over a year and boasts nearly 19,000 replies overall. If there's one thing that turns her on it's numbers and she'll probably call you number 3 if you play nice. She was also a judge for the San Andreas Elections which was a very demanding competition. Her open arms approach to things extends to judging all men fairly, equally and making mental notes on which deserve a +1 and which deserve a -2.


You know the suit, you know the style. If there's one person that can steal the attention of everyone in the room it's REXX. He's famed for his glitched outfits knowledge, his custom maps for photography and his eye for detail both for photoshop pictures and accessories one might don. To add to the stack REXX is currently a judge for the Weekly Snapmatic Competition but also had his own gig as host and judge for GTAF's Weekly Outfit Showcase series. A true artist that always strive for that perfect shot, REXX will spend hours in a tree waiting for the picture-perfect moment.


If a woman had to slap you for staring at her butt it might as well be from this easily recognizable lady. iLLYHiGHROLLER is no stranger to making his character's appearance as best as it can be; always changing outfits, poses and spending some serious time getting that mesmerizing snap. While other judges have judging experience in some form iLL has the experience of the drama that the female counterpart of this competition brings. A quote that really stuck while researching about iLL was what he said about the World Mental Health Day, "If you are not okay, it is okay to say so. You are NOT a failure." Be inspired, be beautiful...euh, handsome!


A swirl of her piña colada and a whiff of the overwhelming perfume in the air confirms that your favorite drunk aunt is back this time of year bearing gifts from last year wrapped up in a new box. She may not have a High School diploma but she did co-host Mister Los Santos 2016 as well as hosting the San Andreas 2017 Elections at the beginning of the year. Her knowledge about the perfect mass for a man's ding-a-ling is unmatched, rivaled only by the amount of court order cases filed against her when waking up next to a confused hunk of meat. livejoker will only act as a host and will not partake in judging.


The guest judge is a new addition to the competition in which candidates must submit a picture of their character posing alongside their vehicle of choice. This mandatory picture is excluded in the normal judges criteria and only applies to the guest judge. The guest judge will vote on the biggest male accessory: their car. The vehicle may be anything of choice but it should be noted the guest judge will vote on how well it compliments the character posing with it. The guest judge will pick three winners who, in Round two, will unlock special sub-themes to pick from. It's a small edge as the extra options offer more variety for Round two. Guest judge will only last for this first round.


If you have to summarize Thugazi you have to first understand how varied he can be from being serious to having a good time. Thugazi has as much experience in forum games as he does changing username. Co-creator of the San Andreas Elections, one of the most demanding competition, as well as co-editor for the Customs, Cruisers & Classics magazine Thugazi has judge position in his blood. That and possibly some performance oil. Always looking for the nicest ride his hunt is constant in the search of perfection on wheels. He will be representing CC&C and hopes to get an energy drink deal out of this so he can get free hats.


  • Submit 5 character images.
    • If 5 pictures are submitted, only the first 5 will be considered.
    • A mandatory vehicle picture must be submitted. The picture must contain your character posing alongside a vehicle of choice.
    • This will bring your total amount of pictures to 6. Please refer to the "Guest Judge" section for more information.
  • Entries with a video included is encouraged, but not required.
    • Only one video per entry.
  • Background story of the character is heavily encouraged. Things like their past, their current status in life, favorite color or car, etc.

  • Membership must be greater than two weeks both to participate and vote in later stages. Accounts with no posts may be refused.

  • Any use of PC mods for poses, scenes and/or vehicles is not permitted.

  • Any use of glitches for clothing (and clothing/accessories only) is allowed, though we discourage having an entry revolve around one glitched outfit.
    • Glitched outfits must be currently obtainable. No past game version glitches.
  • Only 1 character submission per member.

  • Rockstar Editor is allowed on all platforms.
    • Snapmatic and Screenshots are also allowed.
  • In-game filters are allowed.
    • Post-editing such as photoshop, Vegas, After Effects is also allowed but to an extend. Editing the character itself is not permitted (changing hair, touching up the face, etc.)
Criteria (in order of importance):
  • Appearance (75%)
    • Charm (25%)
    • Style Hair, Facial Hair, Clothing (25%)
    • Use of sliders/Uniqueness of character (25%)
  • Creativity (25%)
    • Quality of Snaps (12.5%)
    • Quality of Biography or Video (12.5%)
      • Contestants must submit either a biography or a video to showcase their character's personality and backstory.

      • Doing both a biography and a video is not required, but it can increase your chances. Should you do both, this percentage will be split evenly (6.25% each) between both the biography and the video. Think of it as having two dogs in the race. For example, if you have a bad biography but a good video (or vice versa) you could salvage your score by having two chances rather than one.

      • Whether contestants pick one area to focus on or do both a biography and a video, they're given creative freedom to focus their efforts as they desire.
  • Full Context (the totality of the contestants submission) (100%)
During the Preliminary Stage, judges will be asked to make a list from 1 to 20 with each contestant in order of favorability. Following their submissions, we will tally the number of votes to develop a weighted average for each contestant.

As an example:
  • 1st place = 20 points, and 20th place equals 1 point
  • Judge A places Contestant Y in 1st place and Contestant Z in 5th place
  • Judge B places Contestant Y in 16th place, and Contestant Z in 8th place
  • Contestant Y earns a total of 25 points, and Contestant Z earns a total of 29 points
  • Contestant Z is the winner


This round has a new addition to the competition. All candidates that submit their portfolio are eligible to join the Meet & Greet. We will be hosting, on various platforms, a photo session around Los Santos with any and all candidates that show up. Showing your interest is as simple as filling out the form below and sending it as a PM to the Mister Los Santos account. Sadly Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC are not supported though we fully encourage any members on old-gen and PC to meet up and have their own photoshoot!

Gamertag/PSN ID:
Any comments (optional):

Date: Nov.24th, Friday @ 6PM EST//11PM GMT (X1 & PS4)
Xbox One host: livejoker
Playstation 4 host: Amy Vinewood
PC Host: Sanches - Nov.24th Friday @ 1PM EST//6PM GMT


Big thank you to the GtaForums staff that makes the whole experience enjoyable. Special mentions to Raavi and RedDagger.

A massive thank you to Rejeckted for the banners of all rounds. He's a great GFX artist and worth checking his stuff out!

Thank you to Creme_Brulee for the avatar as we continue to use it as the Mister LS account avatar!

A big thank you to Thugazi and V4S for promoting/advertising Mister LS in their issues of Customs, Cruisers and Classics.

Thank you to any other News outlets as well as forum members who advertised Mister LS.

Wham! for being a huge inspiration.


Mister Los Santos has got soul and what better way to express that than by singing it out? Let the sound of Honey Cone take you away as they search for the perfect man in the Want Ads.

Support Mister Los Santos 2017 by sporting various signatures in the spoiler tag below!









Big Molio
LL Cool L


The judges worked their sweet buns off and finally the scores are in! As you can see there are some contestants who are crowd pleasers with good scores across the board while others warm up better to some judges. This is good as varying opinions work wonders though this did not help PwnageSoldier who, with the ruleset of 20 contestants being picked, is the only one to be eliminated. The team discussed heavily the idea of adjusting the Round 1 finalists due to the low submission count but decided to stick to the original formula as to stay true to the competition.

You can view the spreadsheet or the graph below - both provided by R3CON!



Round One

Most likely to become the next Jizzy B:

Most likely to spend $20,000 on a pair of glasses:

Most likely to go full-on John Wick:

Could break bricks with their cheek bones:

Life's Too Short, Best To Do Everything:
Big Molio

Professional Stuntman:

Most likely to get Alexa in bed; you lucky, lucky man!

Most likely to use the phrase "bada-bing, bada-boom":

Most likely to donate $1,000,000 to the "Best Breast Charity":

Best novelist:

Best balaclava:

Peels more rubber than a magnum XL factory:

Edited by Mr. Los Santos
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Good luck everyone. :lol:

Edited by Matrelith
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Professional Amateur

Typical capitalists, having beauty shows. T-34 not need beauty to be stronk!




In all seriousness though, this is going to be fantastic. Good luck to all the filthy capitalists contestants!

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^ Proletariat Unite. *Lenin intensifies*

Hmm, forbidden mods/photoshoping characters is a huge punch to my lore and ideas. Shame, now gotta think how to get over it :p

Edited by Sanches
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A blue collor worker at the Los Santos Postal Office.


Born in 1987 in Los Santos to a common family, He was an average kid who was doing decent in school.

He was one who usually never got in trouble, but enjoyed messing around together with others who did get in trouble from time to time.

His youth was spent playing Soccer with friends at the local playground, he later joined a local team for a few year.


After leaving town for university to study for being an architect so he could help develope the future of Los Santos, but after not managing the pressure that the university put on him, Khaisz decided to move back home to the east of Los Santos where he settled in a nice appartment place, not far from where he used to live and started to work for the local postal office instead.


Now entering his 30th year, Khaisz has later moved from an appartment to a small suburban house with a pool after winning big on the LS Lottery, With his winning money he also bought his dream car, A Yellow&Blue Tampa, He also owns a Lime Green Stratum that he uses for daily stuff like shopping or going to work.

On vacations Khaisz likes to take his Tampa and challenge other people to Time Trials where they race verious tracks, He is currently ranked as the 2nd best Trial racer with his Tampa after some Russian bastard that he almost never manages to beat.

During weekends Khaisz either relaxes in his backyard with swimming or goes for walks to the soccer place where he used to play with his friends and think back to the days.


Character Pictures

















The Car Picture


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Woohoo we are live!




The first round will end on November 27th, Monday

Ooh thank god! My Xbox Subscription expired before I could prepare the photos (last minute tweaks)... Hopefully everything will be up & ready before the deadline.


Photo 6 is a nice twist!

Edited by IceDree
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Mmmh seems a bit empty still ... better ad one :D


Miro A. White

Introductory interview with Mr Miro Antonio White by Penny Hitaro,

Sitting here on the terras of the Richman Hotel in sunny Los Santos I've come to here to interview another contestant for this years Mr Los Santos or MRLS2017.
Surrounded as we are by rather scantily clad women and some rather too scantily clad men ... in this interviewers opinion any man wearing, what can only be described as, a thong, should either get some better friends or be locked up for a while in a nice padded room.
My interviewee however lounges on one of the many deckchairs in a rather crisp grey suit. His sunglasses momentarily slide down his nose as his eyes follow a rather attractive red-haired woman walking along the rim of the pool.
He sees me looking and waggles his eyebrows.
"One of the perks of his place I have to admit," he says in a rather difficult to place but recognisably British accent and then he smiles, a lazy smile, as he pushes his glasses back up his nose.
Just as I'm about to introduce the first question his phone rings. He snatches it up and has a hurried conversation of which I can only hear the last few words
"Just get it done! We'll meet at the agreed upon location. Now bugger off I'm busy"
"I do apologise about that, I could've sworn I'd turned that off. It's off now. Let me get you a drink my dear".
After he's ordered us both a drink or two he finally gets around to focusing on the interview.

PH; "So Mr White, could you give us your want ad for this competition?"
MAW; "Mmmh let me think ... Oh yeah alright how about this; White Male 39 Seeks attractive and whip smart sexual dynamo and ..."
PH; "Mr White I do believe you're thinking of the classifieds not the want ads"
MAW; "Oh you're not from secondlove for a profile then?"
PH; "No Mr White I'm here for your interview for Mr Los Santos"
MAW; "Oh you're one of Jokers ... Oh good, much more interesting. Want ad you say?"
PH; "Yes Mr White"
MAW; "Okay first of all call me Miro, this Mr White business is making me sound old, secondly err ... want ad?"
PH; "Yes Mr White. You were sent a brochure and a rather lengthy file about that yesterday by messenger"
MAW; "Yes rather spritely fellow with the rather tight shorts that my assistant took home with her"
PH; "So Mr White do you have an introduction for our readers?"
MAW; "I've got it filled out right here. I'd just finished it when you arrived"
He hands me my drink and the file and pulls his hat over his eyes and lights a cigarette.
MAW; "If you've got any questions I'll be over here ... now relax and have a drink"

Full Legal Name:
Miro Antonio White

Los Santos



6 ft 1 inch

82 kilograms

Main Address:
Maze Bank West


CEO of Miro's Place, A rather successful Advertising Agency

Graduate of University of Los Santos BA Film Studies

I have no idea ... somewhat Dutch German English Viking and a couple of others so mainly Western European ... is that an Ethnicity?

Religious Affiliation:
I'll give you the same answer I gave that irritable fellow last year ...
Anti Religion of any kind. Belief I have no problems with, that gives people hope in times when there is no real hope to be had but as soon as people start organizing what other people should believe I get very irritated.

Competition History:
Well there was Last Years Mr LS

Photography, Car Racing, Super cars, Sports cars, Classic Cars and ... err ... various others pursuits available around LS.

Interesting Facts:
Described as the Ultimate Everyman. Very good pilot, very good driver, absotively lousy shot at a gun range.

Can you tell us a little about your background. (Where you grew up, how you ended up here ... that sort of thing)?
Born and mostly raised in Western Europe ... got moved around a fair bit made some friends and you know a childhood ... nothing of particular interest to this competition.
Moved to London in 1997 where I did some schooling at Oxford and later got a BA in Film studies. After that I moved around the world for a while Tokyo, Vice City, Liberty City and finally moved to San Andreas and picked up my studies again as I continued to work for and with the great and not so great.

What's your Favourite Los Santos place?
In Los Santos, sorry more of a Lago Zancudo kinda guy. Err... well ... apart from the obvious Richards Majestic ... I do love Downtown Vinewood and the Vespucci Canals.

Why are you entering the Mr Los Santos Competition?
Had a lot of fun with it last year.


Miro A. White, Ceo of the advertising agency (more examples of that below) Miro's Place, referred to as "The Adman". From this reporter's first impression a laid back easy going kind of guy who really doesn't give a f*ck what anyone else thinks of him ...




Mr White in his capacity as CEO. He does add that the beard is entirely out of laziness on his part.




He was asked this year (again due to his experience in both judging/running the GTAFSnapmatic competition and his ad work) to be a judge on Twitters #DaWildWest competition which ran last October.



He is, he assures me, A Great Sunset Lover ... which from the photo below leads me to believe he is talking about his love of Sunsets. Although at the end of the interview he did leave with the aforementioned redhead.




Avid racer and car enthusiast he admits that he'd rather be racing cars than photographing them ...




Few examples of Mr White's work in the advertising world below...



And a few examples of the Adman's work...


Dolce's The One's campaign which features Mr White himself with longer hair.





The RayBan Ad concept for which they chose a different model in the end ... still kept the slogan though.




Pfizers little blue pill ... which was made for a laugh ... but still got rather good feedback from the company itself.




And his chosen charity ... for obvious reasons






Edited by MiroAWhite
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Mr. Los Santos

As some of you will notice we've changed the name of the first round to something more exciting! We've also added a new signature to the spoiler tag containing various signatures that you can use to show support and spread the word about Mister Los Santos 2017! Here it is:


A reminder that all entries can be edited until the deadline so work it until last call, boys!

Edited by Mr. Los Santos
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Daniel J. Crown

CEO of Gold Crown LLC.

Founder of the Gold Crown Law Firm



Salutations to you all, citizens of Los Santos. I am Daniel J. Crown, a 27-year-old British man with a passion for victory, and I strive to be this year's Mr. Los Santos.

To some people, I am known as the CEO of Gold Crown LLC., a wholesale distributor of luxury goods. To others, I am recognized as the Founder of Gold Crown Law firm, the most recognized name in law in the State of San Andreas due to the trust bestowed upon me by the former and the current Governors of San Andreas; Jock Cranley and Steven Hunter, respectively.


I am a man of many affinities, particularly for collecting and cruising in my own prized selection of vintage sports cars. I used to watch a lot of shows about cars on the telly when I was younger, and my father often took me to car meets to showcase my grandfather's clean Glendale next to all the vintage and moderns Grottis, Vapids, Ocelots, Pfisters, and other fantastic brands. I'm hoping for more vintage automobiles to hit sale in this state soon, the recent oversaturation of supercars in the market is quite distasteful, to be honest. How are these supercars getting more expensive despite becoming more and more common, anyway? It heavily contradicts the law of supply and demand!


The lively nightclubs and warm beaches are what really make Los Santos a special city to me. Sure, the air quality is horrid and traffic can make me feel so frustrated that not even my Cognoscenti's massage seats keep my temper down as I cuss at the slow drivers, but that's part of the charm of this city. If you think about it, all these frustrations can make what you enjoy much more cherishable. You will even forget you flipped a bird at a Dilettante-driving hipster when you're in the middle of an intense vodka shot competition with an Eastern-European dame, and embarrassingly lose against her and have to pay for the 20 bottles she chugged with no trouble whatsoever.

What is it with these Russians and their superpowers? Did the Soviets genetically enhance their citizens for world domination or something?


Other than cruising 50-year-old cars like a pro and having a terrible alcohol tolerance, I am fond of outdoor activities like sightseeing, parachuting, and soaring the sky in aircrafts. This way, I have developed an appreciation for the nature unique to this beautiful state. I sometimes miss my hometown, but even with my rose-tinted glasses on, I will still claim that San Andreas is one of the world's finest landscapes. If you can truly appreciate one thing, you have the capacity to appreciate everything.

Thank you for reading through my submission. I wish luck to you all in this competition.


Edited by DangerZ0neX
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ENEMY magazine


Are there fairies at the bottom of the garden? I don't know but I'd love to meet them”

Interview by Talib Abraham



Reuben by ENEMY photography by Kate Palmer


In a sleek modern rented apartment in Mirror Park, Reuben knew we'd be taking his photo and has dressed to impress in a classic black suit, white shirt. What's more notable, though, other than his Italian stitched suit, is his smile. Reuben can't stop smiling. And why would he? His debut single ‘Everything Was The Same’ reached number one in the charts in the spring, his follow up ‘Tribal’ peaked at number 3, and now his third release titled ‘Robin Hill’ (a very catchy synth-pop tune reminiscing about an old lover met at a festival) is expected to reach the same golden heights. “I know it's a cliché, but I never expected this. It's gone from 0 to 100 real quick. I sent a demo mixtape to Los Santos Paradigm Records and 3 weeks later I was in the studio recording with top, top producers”.



Everything Was The Same single artwork


Reuben, born Eric Reuben Belgrave, is 26. Born and bred in North London, he moved to Los Santos at the age of 24 to be with girlfriend Daniella. “Growing up was a lot of things. Manic; living in a relatively small house with 5 other siblings. Fun; for much the same reason. There was always someone to entertain or be the entertainment. Mum was always singing, Dad was a jazz musician and always on his Saxophone. Oh and Venus the staffy constantly running about. Yeah. Boredom was never really an option. And obviously it was tough at times, having albinism”. Reuben’s demeanour changes slightly. “I was bullied up until the age of about 8 or 9, until I forced out my personality which thankfully was able to make people laugh. They would call me, amongst many things, a clown for the way I looked, and then I kind of became a class clown and the name calling stopped. There's irony there or something, no?”. He goes on to say “but kids are kids, I hold no resentment, kids latch onto anything that's different. That's just way it is”.



​Reuben with his girlfriend Daniella


I probe more about his albinism. “I've always known I was different. As a little boy my mum would drum into me that I was as beautiful as everyone else and that I was lucky to be so unique”. How does the idea of him potentially becoming a role model for other people with albinism sound? “If that were to happen then great, if my stories and experiences can help people then who would not want that? I know I'm always going to get questions and stuff about being albino, but I do definitely want to find the right balance between talking about it to help others, you know, awareness and stuff, and letting it define me. I want people to know me for my music, primarily. And then I'd rather have a conversation about art. Or the political climate. Or spirituality. It doesn't all have to be about appearance, no matter what one looks like”. Is Reuben spiritual? “Definitely. Mystic, too. Are there fairies at the bottom of the garden? I don't know but I'd love to meet them. I just love all that. And folklore. And myth. It's a wonderful escape from reality isn't it?” I ask if music is as an escape also. “I don't actually find making music an escape. Certainly listening to other people's music for me is an escape, but not my own. It's not fictional enough for an escape. It's too personal. And there's so much fear and doubt and obsession that goes into the creative process. Does that make sense? But it's a love. A passion. And I'm lucky to be doing it as a job right now”.

Music runs through Reuben’s family. His father, George, played all the national jazz clubs, his Grandfather, George Snr, was a pianist, and his late uncle William once toured with funk band ‘The Money Makers’ as a backing singer. “I was never pushed into music. It was just there. All around me. And then inside me. Soaked it in through osmosis, I guess”. Reuben lets out a chuckle. “It was all what I would call ‘old music’ though. Jazz, soul, funk”. Were his family surprised when he went into pop? “Not really. I reckon they were probably chuffed, it's pop where the money is right?” His tongue firmly placed in his cheek.



Reuben in the music video for Tribal


What about money and fame though? Having got a first degree in law from Lancaster University back at home in England, this time last year Reuben was working as a legal executive, in a smart office situated in the Maze Bank tower, Los Santos, jamming with his friends on a weekend. Now, he finds himself listening to his own songs every time he puts on Non Stop Pop FM and has stars from all corners itching to collaborate with him. This is his first interview for a major magazine, and he comes across as laid back, incredibly affable and seems to be taking everything in his stride. “I'm just enjoying it, you know? What else can you do? Having fans always telling me on Lifeinvader how happy my songs are making them, it's amazing! I've met a good few of my heroes. I've even made friends with some of them”. He's become particularly close with singer Samantha Muldoon. “Yeah, she's wicked. It was my birthday recently and she just rocks up with a white Benefactor XLS for me as a present. Like what the f*ck! Normally I'm used to getting a card and bumps off the lads”.



Reuben waving to paparazzi with his Benefactor XLS given to him by Samantha Muldoon as a birthday present



Taken from Reuben's Lifeinvader


I enquire whether there is an album coming. “I'm working on the album right now, with a release hopefully next summer. It's exciting. It's going to include some amazing guest features”. Can he say who? “I could, but I'd get into a lot of trouble, so I won't”. Reuben smiles, and it's an infectious smile, and one we will perhaps be seeing more of in the next few weeks via ‘Mister Los Santos’. “I followed the 2016 competition and I thought to myself then I wouldn't mind putting my name forward if it came back in 2017. I'm used to being looked at. Why not behind a camera? Obviously my life has changed quite a bit since then, I've achieved a bit of success, but I didn't see why I shouldn't still enter. Reaching the top 8 would be a dream”.

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Im in.


Good luck everyone else!


I'll post soon!

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Wish I had the time to do justice to a set of photos and a video.


This looks awesome. Really looking forward to the entries and competition.

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Mr. Los Santos

Wish I had the time to do justice to a set of photos and a video.

The first round's deadline is on Nov.27th which is plenty of time!


Our GFX artist, Rejeckted, has kindly submitted two signatures that members can use to show support and spread the word. We'll be adding them in the signatures spoiler tag soon or in the spoiler below if your hand is a bit busy and can't scroll back up.










Some wonderful entries! Keep those boys coming!

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Name: Steve Molloy


Nickname: Big Molio


Age: 43


Born in 1974 in the north of England, Steve Molloy joined the British Army aged 18, and married his childhood sweetheart Lyndsey, with the couple going on to have a daughter Beth in 1995.


In 1998 at the age of 24 he passed selection and was accepted into the 22nd SAS regiment. After involvement in many Special Forces operations both in Iraq and Afghanistan, Steve left the army in 2010 and was employed for some time in South Africa and the Middle East as a private military contractor. By this time, his marriage to Lyndsey had collapsed and he was already divorced.


After falling for and marrying Kelly Horowitz, an American news reporter he was providing security for in Syria, Steve moved with her to San Andreas in 2011 to write his memoirs, and work as an occasional stuntman and military technical advisor to the Vinewood movie industry. The whirlwind romance didnt last, and the couple split after just two years.


Now since divorced again, with a teenage daughter from his first marriage, Steve runs No More Grief Inc an organisation based in the Richards Majestic district of Los Santos. The successful start-up company came about from Steve's love of fast cars. Credited with developing a popular web-based vehicle tracking app, the company now specialises in location, interception and recovery of stolen cars in Los Santos and the surrounding area.


A skilled pilot with many hours of flying experience, Steve also uses any spare time to escape the smog of Los Santos and engage in sports such as free-climbing, motor racing and skydiving.


Car thieves hate him, his ex-wives hound him, the cops just about tolerate him and his lawyer just despairs with him.






Jungle training in Belize 1999





With the light strike vehicle, somewhere in northern Iraq 2003





Happier times. With Kelly in Los Santos - Christmas 2011





Driving for the stars. On the Vinewood Studios backlot, as the stunt driver in the hit movie Batman Goes Bananas - 2012





Molloy with his two times San Andreas Cup winning customised Nero race car





Free climbing in Blaine County





Steve Molloy, soldier, author, stuntman and entrepreneur at the No More Grief offices in Los Santos

Edited by Big Molio
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Mr. Los Santos

Gentleman, there has been some changes to the ruleset. It does not affect the entries so far, in fact it actually improves your chances! We've discussed this heavily with the team and we feel that it takes the good parts of the standard set by Miss LS while putting the Mister LS spin on it. Here is the rundown on how it works:

Below is the new Criteria section. Please keep in mind the (in order of importance) part in mind. The Creativity section has been reworked, placing the Quality of Snaps at the top to reflect its importance and to tie in with Appearance. Contestants are then given a choice on what to focus their efforts on. With this new system a contestant can put his efforts into something that he is comfortable with. For example, a contestant who knows he's a strong writer can put all his chips into writing a stellar biography - this scenario also applies to a video producer who creates a masterful video and ignores a biography. Those that do tackle both topics by including a biography and a video are increasing their chances by casting a bigger net. This is not to say that those who only pick one are minimizing their chances but rather focusing on what they know they're good at. A dedicated bio or video gains more points but those willing to "play safe" can pick both a bio and a video.

We hope contestants take advantage of this freedom on how one submits their portfolio!


Edited by Mr. Los Santos
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Great submissions so far fellas!


I wonder who will be first getting Alexa in bed? :whistle:



... Quite difficult :p



Looking forward to seeing more submissions! :D

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I wonder who will be first getting Alexa in bed? :whistle:

To tell a night time story? Does she experience troubles with a sleep?

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Name: Frankie Milano

Nickname: Ghost

Ethnicity: Italian-African American

Occupation: Legal - night club owner and car salesman, Illegal - drug kingpin, weapons dealer and boss of Cash Mob

Affiliations: Cash Mob, Famlies gang

Likes: Money, cars and women

Dislikes: Being broke, snitches and disloyalty


Frankie Milano was born in Los Santos in 1990. His father was Frank Milano (boss of the Milano Crime Family from the early 1970s to his death in 2003) and his mother was Cynthia Johnson (a young waitress looking to persue an acting career). They met in San Fierro at a popular dinner where Frankies' mother worked and father frequently visited. Their relationship was kept secret as Frankies' mother was african america and the Milano family didnt agree with interacial relationships. After a few months Frankies' mother became pregnant. When she told his father he demanded she terminate the pregnancy. This devastated her because he had been promising her for months that he would start a family with her. Unable to go through with the abortion Frankie's mother packed all she could carry and escaped to Los Santos where Frankie was born months later.

Frankie was raised on the southside of Los Santos in the gang infested district of Chamberlain Hills. He was a quiet kid who at first was content with the poverish life he was surrounded by but as he got older he began to recognize his mother's struggle as a single parent and wanted to make a difference. At the age of 13 Frankie started running numbers for the local mobsters in his neighborhood. The mobsters loved Frankie. One time he was punished by his mother for skipping school so he was unable to come outside and run numbers. The next day the mobsters roughed up the mailman who delivered the letter to Frankie's mother and told him from now on all school letters are to be deliver to them or face the concequences. Frankie had no more problems concerning school after that.

Eventually Frankie moved up to bigger jobs like stealing cars and being a runner for small time drug dealers. It was a dangerous lifestyle for a kid so young but it didn't seem to phase Frankie. He took it all in stride and remarkably never got caught. In fact he was so good at escaping the cops he earned the nickname "Ghost" from those who employed him. At the age of 15 he was initiated into to the Families gang, the gang that ran Chamberlain Hills. He never really embraced the gang life fully though as he always felt there was something much bigger he was meant to be a part of. However, he was down for his boys 100% and over the next few years he would prove to be worthy of respect and ascended to OG status.


After a few years the gang's numbers dwindled due to deaths and imprisonment and money became more important. Especially with the pomp and glittery influence of the criminal life that existed around him. Ghost began selling marijuana but it proved to be too much of a hassle for not enough cash so eventually he moved up to crack selling small packs on the corner. Not too long after, Ghost was introduced to one of Los Santos' biggest kingpins of the cocaine trade. He liked Ghost because he wasn't sloppy, was always strictly business and was never short with what he owed so he took Ghost under his wing. With his new found connection Ghost was in position to became a major player on the drug scene. He rounded up his closest boys and started a money crew named Cash Mob and never looked back.


Ghost is now one of the biggest players in Los Santos with his hands in everything from drugs to weapons to car exports. He does it all. The most recent expansion to his organization are the ANGELS. A group of elite female shooters who carry out various jobs for Ghost such as protection and assassinations. These are some very beautiful but very bad girls.


Ghost has reached a level many can only dream of. Great wealth, power, respect, he has it all. He is truley living the american dream and doesnt seem to be slowing down any time soon. How can you when you're surrounded by great motivation every day.


Edited by BumpyJohnson
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Mr. Reiner




Alright, so. I did manage to cook something up. But, I never got to finish it before flying out to Texas for thanksgiving.

All I've got is my laptop and whatever managed to get uploaded to social club.


Shame is that I focused more on sequential images for the gimmick I had in mind rather than detailed shots of the character himself.

So I don't have five images.

But I may as well share what I've got at this point.


It's all for fun anyway.


To get the context of the "poor" quality of the shots, peek the second spoiler.

These are to be used as the submission images.


I may or may not make it back home before the deadline and adjust this.


As I said before though, good luck to everyone else!








Seeing as I'm pressed for content, this is being used as the car picture.

It was a snap I used last year, and showcases my character when he was much younger...





The Story




I-... well, I can't tell you who I am.

What I can tell you though, is that I have spent the last few months tracking one of the most dangerous men in Los Santos...




Yeah, I know those kind of folk are a dime a dozen, but look at 'em all! A quick Eyefind search and you're swimming in information!

Now tell me. Does the name Reiner mean anything to you?




I thought so...


See, this guy pretty much dropped off the face of the earth.

Just two years prior he was all over the news. Business ventures, buyouts; he used to be Los Santos' third largest vehicle supplier, and the other two were multi-billion dollar companies running off of government bailout money.


Here, what about-... hold on, it must be here somewhere.

Ah, yes. This picture.


Wow, I'm pretty sure this even predates the founding of Procyon LTD.


These days it's all you can get short of finding the guy yourself and staring him in the eye, which I-... don't recommend...

Well, check this out.



Come on, old man... You have to come out sometim-... Oh crap-...

That there is his address up in Vinewood. Can't say much about the car though. He owns hundreds of cars. You rarely see him in the same one twice...

Yeah, he owns property all around LS. Vinewood just seems a bit quieter these days. Sort of ironic, seeing as most of the city's elite reside there. Guess the paparazzi just don't like navigating those ornery roads...




Anyway, on the topic of cars... The whole import-export deal has really slowed down. Or, at least you don't hear about it much anymore...

Cars used to sail in and out of the ports here, and anything that couldn't get in through boat made its way by plane.
About one-third of all of it was through this guy. Didn't matter what it was, too. If there was demand for it then there would be supply.

If it is still going on, it's really well hidden. I had given up on finding anything at this point...


That is, until...



Oh, hey Mr. R-... ... Uh, yeah I'm just-... Oh please not the face!

That's right, I met him!




Alright, not one of my proudest moments, but I think I've gotten closer than anyone else has before. Well, anyone still alive for that matter.

I mean, the guy didn't need bodyguards before his business took off, but two of the scariest guys dragged me away after he decked me right in the face.

Don't think they would have let me go if they knew I had pictures of the whole thing...




Anyway, I had given up. Right? But I guess I should have bought a lottery ticket that day, because I spotted a Special Edition Purple Infernus being unloaded from a truck right in front of the Arcadius Business Center.

That's where the bulk of his collection resides, locked away in the upper floors of the building. I had never seen a car delivered directly to the front door...

The driveway was blocked off by a massive MTL truck, and an armored Enus of some sort. I was just strolling out of the neighboring car park to get some pictures of the building, and I guess it was in between the checkpoints or something...

That Pegassi though; The color drew me in. They didn't make many of that spec, you know. I guess I was feeling a bit too ballsy at the time...




After that encounter, well, I knew I couldn't top it... That, and I was fearing for my safety.

Started getting weird phone calls. I have no idea who they were from, or if they were in any way connected...

The only other place I could think to go at that point was the police.

Though, not for the reason you would think...



One hundred and eighty eight miles per hour. That's a hell of a speeding ticket...

I don't know how I managed to swipe it, but it really says something about our police force these days don't it?

Anyway, that's all that was in his file. Mostly cars that he used to own. Maybe still does to be honest. Sure as hell more than what I could have found though.

Take a look, there's some really impressive stuff there. Don't think I have ever seen someone with a collection that varied. Usually people just stick to one thing with maybe one or two outliers...




Why? Didn't I already say...?

Oh, right. Well, I'm an enthusiast myself. Plus I really do admire the man that's been responsible for so many of these vehicles ending up in Los Santos.




I don't know. I guess it was the exclusivity. I mean, look at the amount of effort it took just to get three pictures of the guy. Makes him seem important.




No, of course I'm not implying that he isn't. There's just so much more here.


Listen. I can't keep digging. I think I've reached the bottom, at least for me.

Take this. Go ahead, look at all the snaps too.

Arm yourself with everything I have gathered, and go get more.

I believe you can go further with this, just... Stay safe.


And be wary of the one with red hair. He is not kind to trespassers...


I need to go. My plane leaves in a few hours. Don't come looking for me, either. I've already lingered for too long...



To be continued...(?)


Edited by Rewdalf
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Probably won't happen anymore, as the original host of Miss LS is no longer active on these forums..
unless someone else took over somehow.

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Probably won't happen anymore, as the original host of Miss LS is no longer active on these forums..

unless someone else took over somehow.





That comp is dead unless someone volunteers to restart it. That's a massive headache tbh.


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Meet Mark Crowne, owner & CEO of Crowne Holdings.






The Thugazi special:

Mark & his favorite car, (one of) his Cognoscenti

Mark flying on his Nimbus to the Hamptons ...

Surf time ...

Taking a ride...

Sunday walk ...

Waiting for Asuka's private jet to touchdown in LSIA.

Shopping ...

Brunch at the Marina ...

Enjoying a fine cigar ...
(I couldn't replicate the shot with the other haircut to match the rest of the photos)



In honor of a new Aston Martin, Crowne ... Mark Crowne



Only a fool could walk away from me this time ... I look up to heaven, Every star I see is mine



Mark's bio:

Mark was Born in Liberty City, his parents died in a car crash & he grew up moving between foster homes in Firefly Projects & Hove Beach in Broker.

As a kid Mark had one goal: Join the Air Force & fly away. He started working at a grocery store in Hove Beach after school to support himself, but left Broker all together once Mikhail Faustin & his goons arrived to Hove Beach. During high school, Mark started working at the Sum Yung Gai, a Chinese restaurant in Dukes' Cerveza Heights owned by an old Triad boss named Lee "Uncle Benny" Chan.

Once Uncle Benny passed away, his right hand man Wu "Kenny" Lee took over the business. Kenny always saw Mark as an outsider & kicked him once he became the boss just in time for Mark to join the Air Force.

Mark started as a Titan loadmaster & became a Titan pilot with the Strategic Mobility Command once qualified. He moved everything from cargo full of rubber dog sh*t out of Hong Kong to [Redacted] out of Groom Lake. Mark took lots of courses in different fields within the Air Force & got certified in Counterintelligence, Cyber security, Special Tactics & EOD alongside being a Pilot, earning him the nickname "Swiss Knife" in the process. His extensive training prompted Air Force brass to use him as temp to fill-in wherever & whenever needed.

Later in his career, Mark joined the Air Force's ISR Agency & worked his way up to SOCOM , where he met & befriended Naval Intelligence Officer Raymond Reddington, IAA Officers Nathan Muir & Walter Burke after a Joint Op.

After both Raymond & Walter went rogue, Mark lost his clearance & became an outcast. SOCOM brass wanted him gone so they "loaned" him to the IAA who in turn made him a housekeeper In Hong Kong.

One night during the Chinese New Year celebrations Mark ran into Asuka Kasen & managed to rescue her from a team of assassins chasing her. He didn't know at the time that Asuka was a high ranking Yakuza officer visiting from Liberty City to conduct a business deal with the Hong Kong Triad on behalf of her boss, Shiro Yanagawa.

Mark returned to the Air Force once things cooled down, but it was obvious his career is over & left the Air Force for "Health Concerns" after an incident.

Struggling with reintegrating into civilian life & after running out of options, Mark decided to do what he does best & started working as a Transporter in Liberty City. His reputation & discretion built him a diversified cliental that included businessmen, politicians & diplomats alongside the usual suspects. And soon became the go-to for high end & sensitive transport jobs. All that laid the foundations for Mark's own legitimate Startup Company: Crowne Logistics & Security.

One day Asuka Kasen hired Mark to become Shiro Yangawa's personal driver & bodyguard during his visit to Liberty City from Japan. Other high ranking Yakuza members in LC were offended by Asuka's decision to outsource such a crucial job. Little did they know that Asuka was distrustful of everyone within her organization due to whispers of a mole & a possible attempt on her boss' life during his visit to the states on her watch & Mark was the only she can trust due to his reputation, independence from the Yakuza & her previous encounter with him in Hong Kong. Sure enough someone tried to do just that & although the assassin got away, Mark kept both Asuka & Shiro unharmed.

Asuka convinced Mark to work for her as an Advisor; He started by addressing Asuka's personal security. Then hunted down the assassin & asked him "interesting things" to get to the mole. Then helped her overhaul the Yakuza's east coast operations & streamline their businesses. Mark & Asuka became very close friends, and their business relationship prospered benefiting both of them.

Over the years other Yakuza leaders in Liberty City grew jealous of Asuka's success & the power she held over them so they began contemplating assassinating her, Mark caught wind of this & wanted to protect Asuka, but didn't want her to start a war that'll attract the feds or Kill her, so he persuaded her to accept Shiro's promotion to become the Yakuza's top Financial officer in Japan. Once Asuka left the US safely, Mark cut ties with the Yakuza & disappeared once he made sure nothing leads back to him.
The Yakuza LC leaders started fighting for Asuka's former position & another internal power struggle broke during the Syndicate war as expected, the FIB swopped in & took down the remaining bosses. Shiro was furious at the outcome & sent a team to salvage the pieces, take control & terminate the people responsible for the mess.

Before disappearing, Mark acquired the assets of Panlantic Construction in a silent DOJ auction for pennies on the dollar taking advantage of peoples reluctance to bid on known Cartel properties. Panlantic Construction was a prominent developer in Liberty City that sunk after it was proven to be a front for the Columbian Cartel during the Syndicate war. Most of the assets remained dormant when Mark left the country.

Mark resurfaced in Europe after laying low in Hong Kong for a year & wanted to put that life behind him, Everything was going fine until one day his friend Nathan came knocking his door. It took some persuasion, but he eventually agreed to return to the IAA as a part-time Fixer in exchange of looking out for him. Mark started working for the U.L. Paper Contact his first job was tracking one Darko Brevic, Mark found him in Bucharest & shipped him to the States. Mark later went on to become an Independent Logistics Contractor for the IAA's Clandestine Operations Division providing stranded agents & fixers with whatever they need.

Once returned to the US & settled in Los Santos, Mark's Panlantic Construction assets became the cornerstone for expanding his operations. One of those assets became known today as the Lombank Tower. Mark owns the building & leases offices to the bank (with a separate building branding deal) alongside other firms.

Lombank Tower is the home to Mark's business endeavor Crowne Holdings.

Crowne Holdings businesses vary from legitimate businesses to black market endeavors & gray matters. All operations of questionable legalities are compartmentalized & buried under layers of offshore shell companies & SPEs. Mark prefers the Keyser Söze school of thought when it comes to the underworld & uses the name Mr. Kaplan to protect his real identity & keep both lives separate.

Mark also owns multiple companies in Japan thats part of a Keiretsu run by his friend Asuka Kasen, In addition to hotels in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Liberty City & Los Santos operated by a shadowy organization known as The Continental Group.

2 of Marks companies are currently supporting a joint IAA-FIB-DEA operation led by an "advisor" known as Agent 14 to dismantle the Mexican Cartels after a wave of violence caused by the Vagos in San Andreas.


Mark holds a PhD in Business & Economics. have an extensive experience in Cybersecurity, Cryptography & Counterintelligence.
And Speaks English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Spanish & Portuguese.

Favorite Place of Residence: His Yacht ... The Meisterwrek

Favorite vehicles: Benefactor Dubsta & Enus Cognoscenti 62.

Favorite planes: Nimbus Private Jet & Titan.

Favorite Weapon: Carbine Rifle.

Favorite clothing style: Tailored Suits, Italian leather shoes, Hinterland boots & Aviator sunglasses.

Favorite Artist: Ice Cube.

Favorite Radio Stations: The Lowdown FM, Radio Mirror Park, Space 103.2 & Westcoast Classics

Hobbies: Driving, Flying, Playing chess, Colleting Samurai Armors & Katana Swords, Reading History of Warriors & Smoking fine Cuban cigars.


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Good evening and welcome to the second annual Mister Los Santos competition! I'm Rod Eenserhter, accompanied always by Harry Knutsak.

Good to be back, Rod. I'm so excited to see what this year holds! Last year was full of surprises like a helicopter and a street cone entering the competition. Then there's my wife cheating on me. God, if I ever find out who slept with her I'll feed them a five-knuckle sandwich with a side of ketchup.

Well that sounds like a buffet and a good threat if I ever heard one. Speaking of threats, we're only three days in and some contestants are looking like the real deal. Toppling them will be difficult and should not be attempted with slippery hands. Would you like to know who we've got so far, Harry?

*pops open a Pißwasser*

Sure thing, Rod.

*starts chugging*

First up we got a returning contestant, Mr. Mark Crowne. A real businessman from top to bottom. Now that I mention bottom have you seen his pictures? I could look at them all day. Another return comes in the form of Reuben, that cat man that applied for mayor in the elections and let me tell you he's bound to get some tail after that photoshoot! Next up is military man turned entrepreneur Steve Molloy, specializing in retrieving stolen vehicles. If only he specialized in retrieving hearts as he stole mine with those eyes. We've also got Khaisz, a time trial champion. Here's hoping he's not a quick finisher! Bringing up the rear is Miro A. White, a competitor last year as well as a CEO for an Advertising Agency. Last but not least there's Daniel J. Crown, in no way related to Mark Crowne. A totally legitimate businessman and proud supporter behind the San Andreas Elections.

Now that's a line-up. If there's a time to skip this week's "CNT Presents: Top 20 Griefing Moments" this would be it. I'll try my best to focus on the competition, you know, it's been hard with my wife leaving and all...

That's fine, Harry. I'm sure wherever she is she's happy and whoever she's shared with is happy too.

Wait, what?

This has been Rod, alongside Harry, and we'll be keeping you up to date on the latest this competition has to offer. Thank you for tuning in and good night!

Edited by livejoker
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Oh stop it Rod, you gonna make me blush! And no one wants to see a red Mark 🙃😜 ...




There is plenty of fish in the sea, Harry. You need to get back in the saddle ... You know what? I got an idea, I'll hook you up with my tailor & get you a couple of new suits. It's 80% clothes, 20% you ... Dress to kill, unlike those two bozos Brucie & Roman who keep sneaking into Maisonette 9 in LC wearing some pretty ugly clothes.


Cheer up, you'll forget about your ex soon.





Something is wrong with the format of my post above, I'll fix it once I'm on a computer.



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