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[GTA VC Original Pin Set]


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Release date: 2002

Probably around the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PlayStation 2 release.

Origin Info:

This one was most likely being sold along with the original Vice City set of memorabilia back in 2002,

like the Grand Theft Auto Vice City Beach Ball or Rubik's Cube with high probability of being advertised

and in stock at Rockstar Games Warehouse.

Status and Availability:

The exact number of produced items is unknown, but what ever that number may be, you won't find this

one that easily on any e-commerce site at all, and comparison wise, even the 10 years younger

Anniversary Edition Pin Set tends to pop up very infrequently, every now and then.


Original Vice City Pin Set consisting of 20 badges.


Very Rare to Extremely Rare.

This one - for some reason, being a pin set or something else - gets lesser amount of 'attention'

and might not be as popular as other Original set of Merchandise related to Grand Theft Auto

Vice City, so you might be surprised to find lower prices. Nevertheless, taking into account its

years and general scarcity as well as the original lineup it was part of, this one is at least very

rare to find.

Price: Initial Price of around 20.00 EUR.

Notes: Even though this one definitely could be regarded as anything like very or extremely rare,

unlike some other products from the same Original Lineup, Rubik's Cube per se, simply because

of the factor of Popularity, subjectively you could find or expect different views at this one, rating or

pricing wise.


Photo Credits: Thank you yixness for providing the images!




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