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Stanced Mafia - Car meets & more

SM Provo

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Hello and welcome to Stanced Mafia, a group dedicated to various car-related events!

About us

You've probably heard about the big Steam meet car meet group or even attended some of the meets hosted there. You've probably been looking for something more than meet-and-drag. You're at the right place.

SM team is here to give you what's you won't likely find in any similar console and even PC groups - good cars, big sessions, lack of griefers and maturity. We don't pursuit fame from hosting or ad revenue from videos, we do events because we enjoy doing them.

Our events usually happen around 5PM ±3 hours GMT since almost all of us live in EU.

What do we have to offer

An active PC community with over 800 members.


Big and safe event sessions, with 20 people in one being common.

Despite having "Stanced" in the name, Stance is not the only theme in the meets. Lowering your car is almost never a must, but we're strict with car styling and won't tolerate any hideous modifications.


Various freemode challenges and semi-freemode races set on own custom maps


How to join

We accept almost everyone, however safety is still our priority.

To be accepted into the Social Club crew, join discord and follow the instructions in the top channels.




Here are just a few shots from our meets so you can get a taste of what to expect











And videos:








Edited by SM Provo
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So, just to be clear, are you guys on PC? All of the events are related to PC players? It seems so, since you mention Steam.


Is it possible to arrive to a stanced car meet in a non-stanced car? (unfortunately, some cars may have bulletproof tires already)

Is it possible to arrive without a mic?

Do you clean the crew from inactive players? I'm interested in joining, but I'm going to take a break from the game in december.

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Yes, we are only on PC and don't plan on expanding to consoles.


As for cars, we don't require to stance it all the times, especially during racing events. As long as it looks good (relate to pics above) we're absolutely fine with it.

Mics are never a must during the events, you can just join to listen or not join the voice at all.

And as for removing inactives, it's very unlikely that it will happen before there're 900 members in the crew. Which also won't likely happen in the next 6 months.


You won't regret joining us, I guarantee that

Edited by SM Provo
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Here's what we had this weekend

25+ players for over 1.5 hours and then Kuruma skill challenges on our very own track







Edited by SM Provo
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This weekend - full session as usual, then a hillclimb map in Vinewood and drift/race event around the docks.




















Edited by SM Provo
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What gives, posted in the discord chat with my SC name and no invite l0lz


I don't see any crew invite that'd match with any SC from the discord.

Found your SC and sent it, check now

Edited by SM Provo
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just wondering, must I be in the crew to join car meets? coz I have myself a crew recently


Yes, everything happens in crew-only sessions. But hey, you can be in 5 crews at the same time, so what's the problem

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Up with photos from last weekend, door control feature on the Bob was really loved after the meet.















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  • 2 weeks later...

Sometimes 1 session is not enough to fit everyone. There were 2 this weekend













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  • 2 weeks later...

Bumping with a video of the last weekend's meet by Matej




Edited by SM Provo
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  • 2 weeks later...

Will there be a meet soon?


There're meets almost every day announced in discord

I don't check this thread myself often, so sorry for late reply

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