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Vanzant's Horde Of GTA Games


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I have not had time to picture everything so this was a quick group up of what I could easily find.


I'll edit the post later to detail what I have and what I'm in need of....


GTA III / Vice city / San Andreas original Sealed copies.




Picture of Security Strips...



GTA III and Vice City Original purchases with receipts...I "Have" San Andreas kinda sort of with my receipt...I gave that copy to my cousin when the Special Edition came out.



GTA III / Vice City / San Andreas Japanese Version



Assortment of PC copies....there's more. I have multiple copies of San Andreas in different language packs....



Assortment of excess playstation 2 copies. I have more of these as well...



GTA Vice City and Liberty City stories....



My Playstation copies...



Assortment of Xbox and PS3 copies....again...I have more of these as well...


A few more...



And a couple more lol


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Those are some amazingly well kept receipts, not even a sign of ink wear.

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The receipts are kept in the manuals inside the case. I didn't keep the receipts just to brag about them a decade and a half later. The truth is I was the Electronics Manager at Wal-Mart. So I bought video games all the time the second they came out of the cardboard boxes. Thus, I kept proof I purchased them so I couldn't be accused of theft of any kind. I stopped keeping the receipts after I quit the company in 2007.


Most of my PS1 and Xbox games have the receipts as well and there's a Wal-Mart folder with tons more of purchases in their as well.

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At the time of release of these classics - GTA III; VC and SA, not only was I a young teenager without any significant income apart from some pocket money, but where I'm comming from, pirates were dirt cheap and somewhat reliable, of course some time before torrents took over.

No one used to buy original game copies, as a matter of fact something like that would make them a laughing stock for sure.

Fast forward to end of 2009 when I definitely decided to collect GTA related memorabilia and to inform myself a bit more in that matter, I remembered while collecting numerous GTA artwork I'd always found these black label PS2 NTSC games to appear somewhat more appealing to the eye, they seemed to look so official and genuine compared to other versions. That's one of the reasons I wanted them to be a part of my collection.

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