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Community Forwardness Movement


Community Forwardness Movement  

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I`d like to request that you guys upd8 your servers/network. I have a couple concerns/suggestions, please hear me out;

1. I think you guys should remove the feature to report people for "quitting early" & also "cheating". The reason I say this is because your network(s)/server(s) should already be secure & block the possibility of cheating; & when it comes to quitting early, I feel like there should already be an automatic detection of each player quitting matches/lobbies. (As it happens very often.)

1.A) This would prevent gamers from wasting their time on "reporting", giving them more time to feel entertained by your game/console. (Which would ultim8ly grow the community & increase sportsmanship.)


2. The matchmaking system through Grand Theft Auto V Online is so broken because of the extensive amount of cheaters still within the community, I`ve reported them, & I continue to run into the same individuals in Free Mode sessions, they still have modified statistics &/or accounts. (e.g. Rank 🌐8,000 or very high, 934328323.0 Kill/Death Ratio. etc. etc.)

3. The cause &/or outcome of the modified accounts still funneling into the Xbox One community coming from the Xbox 360 causes the sportsmanship to be altered in a SEVERELY negative manner.

4. Fellow gamers assume that I`m a modder, or I have a modded account, because I`m level 🌐880 out of 🌐8,000; Which causes them to either kick me from their session; potentially block me; trash talk me; or quit my pregame lobby immedi8ly; or maybe even quit midgame because they still can`t believe that I`m an average gamer & there still is that potential fact that I`m a "modder" or I`m "modded".

5. Please expand the matchmaking system`s reach, I`m always stuck playing alone or with only 1 other player, & generally I`m pretty skilled, & the player ends up quitting NE ways. & if you guys expanded & allowed different types of people who speak different languages to intertwine, along with adding a "Bing.com-like language transl8ion program" to automatically transl8 languages & notify you which language the person is speaking, allowing you to comminic8 with people all over the world, you`d build a better globe, let alone a gaming community, & if I can help Xbox/Rockstar with this type of an idea for free, & change the world, I`d love to do so, I don`t even get paid & I want this to happen.






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Please use the Wishlist Topic for things like this :)




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