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Extrem lag in Races


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I have been experiencing random lag ONLY during GTA Online races these past few days and I dont know what to do anymore.
I have: Reinstalled and updated windows
Reinstalled and updated GTA V
Reinstalled and updated all drivers (video, internet, chipset)
Put GTA on my M.2 drive
Put the process priority to high
Changed graphics settings from lowest to highest and all in between
Overclocked my cpu and gpu
All other games run perfect and all other gamemmodes in GTA do too, just races...
I have a 7600k, GTX 1070, 16gb RAM and GTA is on a m.2 drive with nothing else on there except the game. My OS is on a normal ssd, i run Windows 10 version 1709 I have the xbox thing in win 10 disabled and no overlays running. My connection is fiber with an average ping of 3-5 when I ping google without any packet loss
Nvidia share on or of makes no difference (saves temp files onto my os ssd and saves videos onto raid 0 hdd's)
The video shows me driving the race Dockyard in freeroam with the vagner, as a race with the massacro racecar cause i forgot to change class and with the massacro racecar in freeroam again

This is how it always looks, doesnt matter where the race is located, where I am in freeroam or which car/bike I drive. Ive tested it, dont worrie.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
Here is my windows info cF6r8iN.png
My general system h0s2Jaa.png

Edited by peffz
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There's a Stunt Race which my main machine really didn't like too, with the FPS dipping into the 30s on a GTX 1070, but that's only in that specific area of the race and is bearable.


That looks like something else altogether and I've no idea why it's that bad. Could you see if changing any of the system's pagefile settings does anything at all (letting the system manage it or specify your own size, etc)?

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