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Time to smell the flowers


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I know it sounds a bit gay, lol, but that is the usual expression and I will be doing just that, travelling and exploring slowly and in detail every hill, wood, river, tunnel, beach, island, roof and backyard in the map, also updating this thread with my cool findings


I have achieved many goals, have an MC + 2 labs that profit 250K per day, hangar to spawn next to aircrafts and upgrade planes, 2 great appartments, several small garages, Kuruma, Nightshark, Buzzard, Rogue, Seabreeze, Vapid Bullet, Seashark and many cool bikes and bicycles


I will be waiting for the big December DLC witch I hope is around Oceans to put my Seabreeze to good use, so for now I will just explore all over, randomnly and veeeeeeery slowly


I always prefered turn based strategy games but GTA's infinite openworld style is so realistic and has so many variables ingame that any mission or simple journey always runs different, no matter how many times you do it


So if the world was what got me hooked now let's enjoy it in major detail, using most suitable vehicles


So now, is time to enjoy the map, Im going on GTA ingame hollydays, shut down the labs, have only 400K in the bank and ocasional LSC stolen gallyvanters sales are enough to pay regular property fees, mechanics and ocasional ammo





- Explored all Zancudo military base with.my Sanchez bike, since my hangar is there and grants me clearance and found out that they allow us to go anywhere, jump fences, climb roofs and also a treat - one of the big open hangars offers free Sticky Bombs on top of one of the stairs, it is the hangar on the end of the row of the closed ones to rent


But if by accident I bike inside a hangar and barely touch a Lazer before managing to brake, they will consider a violation and all hell brakes loose, lol


Next stop - Mount Chilliad cliffs, using the Buzzard, woods, trails, sawmill and check if it's miths and misteries are active online or just story mode - Never play strymode

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