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Celebrities to Voice as Characters in Future GTA Games

Bratva Assassin

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Bratva Assassin

These are a few celebrities whom I would actually love to voice as new characters in future GTA games (such as GTA 6, etc.)


Torrey DeVitto-some new brown haired and brown eyed first female GTA protagonist that everyone's been talking about. I think she'd be pretty good for the job! She's also very sexy and could probably even seduce the cops or any other law enforcement officer as her "special attack", lol XD.

Joe Rogan-as himself, a standup comedian the player can see in bars. I really love Joe Rogan as well, I think he's hilarious and a great pick for a GTA game!

Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson-they'd be BY FAR the best country singers still alive for this job! Not really sure if they should voice as themselves or two made up criminals within the game though.

The band Anthrax (currently consists of Scott Ian Rosenfeld, Joey Belladonna, Charlie Benante, Frank Bello, and Jonathan Donais)-I love rock and metal music and I believe this band would be the greatest pick for it! Again, not sure as of right now who exactly they should voice. All I know is absolutely NOT any cop or other law enforcement!

Eminem-probably as some Random Event character who's a criminal.

John Cena-as a main antagonist law enforcement of some form.

Peyton Manning-as a secondary antagonist law enforcement of some form as well.


With all that being said, what celebrities would YOU guys like seeing in a future GTA game?

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I want Microsoft Sam to voice everyone in the next game.

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I want to see Ray Liotta and Samuel L Jackson come back.

Edited by VictorVince1239
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very underused in voice work.



get angry grandpa to do a voice

Edited by assCRACK_98
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I think Unknown Voice Actors would be better just like everyone said. The majority of my list though, are contained with famous actors.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: I could see him as a Luke Hobbs type character from his role in Fast And Furious movies. I think he'd work better as a very though antagonist. Think about Johnny Klebitz (in TLAD) but as an antagonist.


Jason Statham: A Niko Bellic type character (a sarcastic type of guy and of course the fighting skill). Yes, he could be a protagonist.


Tobey Maguire: A Floyd Herbert type character. Could work as one of the nicest people in the whole GTA series.


Cody Walker (The Late Paul Walker's little brother): I think he could work as one of the protagonist allies. Yes, a deutragonist or a tritagonist role won't hurt him.


Matt Damon: A Claude type character but he has to talk a little bit. Think about his role as Jason Bourne as well. A great hand-to-hand combatant who doesn't talk that much. Yes, he could be a protagonist.


Vin Diesel: I could see him as a Dominic Toretto type character from his role in Fast And Furious movie. Yes, he could be a protagonist.


Justin Bruening: Now this guy is an unknown actor. He could be a GTA protagonist. He does fit to be a sarcastic type of guy based on his face. He also reminds me of one of the free heist members in GTA V. So yes...another robber protagonist.


Sylvester Stallone: Either a corrupt Police Officer or a Don of Mafia role for me. Could work as both an Ally or an enemy.


Mark Wahlberg: See Justin Bruening. IMO their acting syle is kind of similar. Wahlberg is a much more popular actor of course.


Lucas Black: I could see him as a Jimmy Hernandez or a Andreas Sanchez type of characters. A good law enforcement Agent who is forced to be corrupt but decide to fight it (and failed) in his last mission.

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The girl from my avatar as a minor character. She could be an owner of/a worker at a small bar and she would give us 1-3 missions.

Edited by (Ambient)
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  • 2 weeks later...

John C. Reilly as either as a comedic role like Dr. Steve Brule or some sadistic antagonist.


Joey Diaz. Surprised to hear him in Mafia III. He'd make a great GTA style character. A crazy Cuban-American or even Italo-American wisecracking, bong-smoking creep. I know he's typecast as those Mafia roles but I like a pit of popcorn entertainment now and then.


Bill Burr. Love to see him as some Boston dealer with a more serious role. Might be a tweaker and has the tendency to go on Bill Burr-style rants that sound semi-serious but are actually comedy gold.


Bill Murray. Doing his dead-pan dry and sarcastic humour. Basically Dr. Venkman 2.0.


Brian Limmond, AKA Limmy. Scotish accent is always f*cking brilliant and we need a Scottish voice. Just because.


Steve Buscemi. He's got such a distinct voice and I always just find him sincere in everything he does.


Bobby Cannavale. One of the great actors I've seen lately. Was brilliant in Boardwalk Empire. Could nail more Italian-American roles.


Michael Kennith Williams AKA Omar from The Wire, Chalky White in Boardwalk Empire.


Paz De La Huerte. I just like her voice and acting. She cold place a troubled femme fatale.


Lance Reddick. He just has that smooth calculated voice. He can do great drama as well as comedy.


Aidan Gillen. Maybe doing is real Irish accent. He's just one of my favourite actors from The Wire and GoT.


Two of my choices.. Bobby Cannavale and Steve Buscemi...



Edited by Mister Pink
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