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GTA San Andreas: INSANITY Graphic Mod Issue, Skin Selector not working

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Hello. Basically it's what it says. I installed the awesome graphic mod for GTA San, INSANITY. I followed the steps of this video:


The graphics and gameplay are all okay, the problem comes when I try to use the skin selector. When I didn't have that graphic mod, the skin selector worked perfectly, but now for some reason, it doesn't.


I didn't add the graphic mod with all my mixed mods in cleo, I reinstalled the game completely, and THEN I installed the graphic mod. Then, when I install the skin selector, I go to the game and press TAB+Q, and my game crashes, which makes no sense, because it didn't use to before the graphic mod. I added the line in gta.dat and all. I tried more than one skin selector and skins,. but they don't work. Please if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know cause it would be AWESOME to use that graphic mod with the skin selector!

Edited by vmh1029

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Remove the limit adjuster and use this one instead:



If that still causes a crash one of the mods in this modpack conflicts with the skin selectors (so you'd need to remove them and then test 1 by 1 to see which mod is causing the crash).

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Você verá todos os Códigos para GTA SA PS2, XBOX, PCTodas as Manhas, Macetes, Dicas, Cheats, Truques e Senhas para o Grand Theft Auto San Andreas e Muito Mais sobre esse incrível jogo da Rockstar Games !

Os Macetes são usados para facilitar o jogo, com eles você consegue ganhar vida extra, carros, aviões, armas, tudo instantaneamente, quem nunca usou códigos para GTA no PS2 ? Divirta-se !

Para Usar os macetes no jogo, você deve digitar a sequencia as manhas e macetes sem demorar muito tempo, caso não consiga da primeira vez, tente que conseguirá.


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