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[GTA SA Coasters]


Recommended Posts

Release date: May 2004


Most likely given at E3, as a promo item.


Origin Info:


Remember when Rockstar attended E3 conferences? Of course you might have a vague memory about that one,

since the last time they had a playable demo was back in 2001 and introduction of Grand Theft Auto III, and every

other appearance after that could be summarized into symbolic announcement consisting of a few plot related words

or, could you imagine, a couple of screenshots here and there? Seeing Rockstar attending E3 nowadays, would be as

rare as a hens teeth, probably the same what can be said about this particular promo item given to the attendees that year.


Status and Availability:


It is, of course hard to guess the exact number of these in circulation, since there's no exact information about it, but

assuming Rockstar hadn't even intended to make a big deal about the release on E3, there's nothing else to assume

other than limited amount and possibly targeted audience. These were never seen again on any official sale or being

a part of any particular giveaway, which could only lead to a high grade of rarity.




3 Drink Coasters:

The Truth, Ryder& Cj, Rochell'le.


Rating: Extremely rare


Could be graded as anything in between Very Rare to Extremely Rare or one of these two, but from what is currently

known, it is highly advisable not to put your cold and wet pint of beer on them. If you have even one of these in the first

place of course.


Price: Unknown


Trivia: Unknown


Photo Credits: Mosavon


Owners: 1 ( Mosavon )





Edited by ChengizVlad09
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  • 1 year later...

I can help you with this one, these paper coasters were given away individually at the E3 conference, and there were 4 unique designs in total, so where one is rare seeing all 4 in the same place rarer still! :) 





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