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Is it level advantage or is my buddy getting dooked on?

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We play deathmatch every once in awhile and my friend is convinced level advantage is the reason he loses all his gunfights and get headshotted. Just need some input on if this is true or if he needs to polish up his aim. Any input would be appreciated.

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High levels do get more health I believe at every 20 levels or so. Whether this translates into death match or not I really have no idea as I have never thought to check.


However getting headshotted is just part of the game.

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i can assure you it's mostly refexes and skill based (i can't aim very quickly nor am pro hitman so i was defeated same way) and little bit about ping too. If your friend wants to ace at this then he must play more FPS games.

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Wrong section but eh it could be a number of reasons like lag, gun, BST etc.

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I think health caps at lvl 120, other things also effect durability I believe that if your strength stat is maxed you can take more punishment. But If he is being head shot then it is insta kill no matter what hp he has.

If he is on PC and uses a controller then that can be a huge disadvantage when it comes to aiming vs someone using mouse keyboard.

Also it is not all about dealing out the hits he also need's to avoid taking hits by rolling and taking cover. If you roll the opponents lock on you is removed (on auto aim settings), and taking cover is self explanatory.

I use a controller with partial assist aim, so for me to get a head shot I press aim and just push the stick up a fraction I normally roll into the fight to break there lock.

I also rarely play death matches so I do not know but do you have access to the inventory menu to consume snacks etc mid fight?

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