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[GTAIV: Christmas Pre-Order Kit]

Recommended Posts

Release date:

As the title suggest, in December of 2007.

Origin Info:

This little bundle of joy was sadly offered and limited only to the countries of Benelux; Belgium, the Netherlands

and Luxembourg. By pre-ordering this kit for the price of 10 EUR, players from the aforementioned

countries would receive additional bonus in form of cutting that same amount when buying the game.

Status and Availability:

Even if you won't stumble upon this one very frequently or at all - truth to be told - being a " pre-order " item

definitely leaves the scar on its rarity, but only to the point of not making it Extremely Rare. It has almost the right

age, quantity and other factors to possibly reach that status.


Packaged in a cardboard fold out digipak, containing 2 character art cards, a DVD with 3 different GTA IV trailers

on it and a Fleeca branded bank card.

Rating: Very Rare

Price: Original Price 10.00 EUR.

Current price is unknown, but without a doubt it can reach certain ' heights '.


In Trailer No.3, contained in this package, Niko's opening line is " Zdravo burazeru! ", which literally translates

to " Hello bruh! " in languages of the west Balkans; Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian.

There is yet another Fleeca Bank Card that was probably used as a GTA IV pre-order bonus again, but this time

for the Russia based players.

Photo Credits: Mosavon

Owners: 1 ( Mosavon )







Edited by ChengizVlad09

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