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[GTAVC:Cocktail Stirrer]


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Release date: Unknown


Most likely around the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City back in 2002.


Origin Info:


Nothing is known about Vice City Cocktail Stirrers. Except that it goes nicely as a decoration for your Mojito,

while enjoying the pinkish orange sunset on Vice City Beach, contemplating about transience of life.


It's anyone's guess really, but it would be easy to assume that it was probably a part of some usual promoting

occasion, something a la " Launch Party " of sorts or any other similar event where it was used as a promo

material for certain audience as a bonus.


Status and Availability:


Even though we don't have a specific information about exact numbers in circulation, allocating even one of these

nowadays, seems to be extremely hard, and it carries hefty price tag as well.


Contents: GTA: Vice City Cocktail Stirrer(s)


Rating: Extremely Rare


Even though number of units remains to be undisclosed, judging by the sheer inaccessibility, years spent in circulation,

relatively high demand and its expendable nature, this one ranks pretty high on our scale.


Price: Around 30 USD.


Sometimes it's even more. For one piece. You'll rarely see this one being sold in bundle.


Trivia: Just like in the case of its ' younger brother ' - GTA: Vice City Stories Cocktail Stirrer - Rockstar used pretty

recognizable tropic motif and in general pretty much nailed it when it comes to cocktail stirrers, and it also fits

perfectly with the game's theme and tone as well.




Photo Credits: Mosavon


Owners: 1 ( Mosavon )



Edited by ChengizVlad09
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  • 1 year later...
8 hours ago, uNi said:

Thank you, but I own three of those, I love them. I got them from GTACollections actually. 😊

I'm looking for Vice City ones, these which have the palm tree.

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