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How to report miss use of admin powers?


Go to solution Solved by Raavi,

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Every since a mod became admin, there gotta be a process and someone over their heads. I just wanted to know the process of who to submit my claim toward.

When this specific guy was mod he didn't delete post without warning now that he's a admin he just deletes post and stalk me, kinda creepy at this point.


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Just PM one of the other admins, and pray.


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  • Solution

I found myself wondering how you could possibly have any notion which member of staff removed what post, since this information is not in any way shape or form visible to members. So I went ahead and checked on all your removed posts from this past year to verify your claim. Much to my dismay I found that ALL but one of the posts that were removed were in reality removed by various led-bys; and not any moderator, or admin as you claimed. Which lead me to the rather disheartening conclusion that you are here levelling accusations against staff members without any basis whatsoever and are in fact full of sh*t.

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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Name change to SaltyAboutGTAFModerators?

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I'm far too salty to hide posts.


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Who's Miss Use? Why do you want to report her?

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Aaand twisty wins the thread.

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