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AETHER PRIVATE MILITARY CONTRACTING (APMC) is a universal provider of advanced security and logistics for our clients. We strive to bring the very best products tailored to the business needs of our clients. Our professional services brought forwards by our highly-skilled agents is the heart of what we stand for.

Currently we are open for recruitment to those who wish to provide a more secure world for our clients. Those who are skilled in tactical combat, have useful service vehicles, and have knowledge of military terms and tactics. Anyone who wishes to apply to join APMC must pass the following minimum requirements.



-Xbox One

-Working Microphone

-Access to Discord

-Access to Social Club

-Minimum Level of 30 in GTA Online



These are the minimum requirements for application. More requirements will follow for promotions to higher ranks. Upon your application you will receive a message if you qualify for the recruitment process. In order to apply please visit our website at www.aetherpmc.com. From there navigate to the Contact Us tab and fill out the form. If you wish to talk to a live APMC Agent please use the chat tab on the bottom right of your screen. From there you will be connected to a live APMC Agent who will be able to assist you one on one.

Our agents have specific tactical gear and designated uniforms depending on their department. The standard tactical gear consists of blacked out gear. Uniforms and gear may vary depending on specifications of the contract and higher ranking officials.


Interested in joining or want to find out more please visit our website below and chat with a APMC Agent.



Social Club Crew Link:








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I suppose I should feel honored that you named your crew after me.

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