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[GTAVCS:Napkins and Cocktail Stirrers]


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Release date: October of 2006

Origin Info:

Little is known about Vice City Napkins - sounds more official than just 'napkins' - except that they were
used as a promotional material specially made for the purposes of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Launch Party, promoting the second GTA iteration released for Playstation Portable.

The Cocktail Stirrers were probably part of the same Launch Party.

Status and Availability:

Two things are possible about these kind of parties; something reserved only for the chosen ones - developers
or anyone else closely involved into making of the game, or, on the other hand ' Launch Party ' is just a fancy term
used by some random retailer - mainly those well known and widely recognized ones - in order to promote their business
better (as well as the game itself) and in collaboration with Rockstar, they often hand out any given promo material as a
bonus for those who made it there.

We are certain that Rockstar held a closed launch party during the San Andreas promotion, but this time around and in
case of Vice City Stories, indications are leaning more towards retailers/gaming stores kind of launch party.

Either way, you won't find this one easily, as a matter of fact you'll probably have to spend months if not years to stumble
upon one. Unknown number of units was released, and considering it is ' just a piece of paper ' we can double that number
down. Preserving this one in neat and good state could possibly risen its price.

Cocktail Stirrers are pretty much common thing to find, and most often you can buy them in bundles on any e-commerce site
and at any time.


Vice City Stories Napkins;
Vice City Stories Cocktail Stirrers

Rating: Extremely Rare / Semi-Common

Price: Unknown / Around ' few bucks '.


Besides real-life memorabilia, Pink Flamingo, often used motif behind anything ' tropical ', finds its place on the lawn in front of
the ' 101 Bayshore Avenue ' safehouse used by Victor Vance in GTA Vice City Stories.


Photo Credits: Mosavon

Owners: VCS Napkins 1 ( Mosavon, )

VCS Cocktail Stirrers 2 ( Mosavon, ChengizVlad09, )



Edited by ChengizVlad09
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