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What were some of the funniest things that have happened to you in GTAO?


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I've had plenty of comedical things happen to me in GTA Online, such as the longest snowball fight that me and another player did last Christmas, where I and them went at each other with nothing but snowballs for around 8 minutes at Hawick, until a pack of tryhards in an MC came to ruin everything and turn the spot into a warzone.


What about you? What are some of the funniest things that you've done, seen or had happen to you in GTA Online?

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This happened to me yesterday. The ragdolling made me chuckle :lol:



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This was done before, obviously lol. This type of topic deserves to be up though.


Anyways, probably a funny moment was when I was trying to shoot a guy attacking my friend in his new Insurgent Pick-Up Custom and I discovered that I was in passive because I couldn't shoot and we got wrecked :(

Edited by PwnageSoldier
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This one takes the cake for me.


Seeing him fall to death and the mugger flying off with his Hydra really was perfect.


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I was struck by a missile in my Starling the other day and lost some control surfaces, ended up pointing straight up. Rocket booster still worked, though. I spent around five minutes just pogoing up and down over LSIA, helpless to do anything else. Finally, someone in a Hydra decided to put me out of my misery, but apparently misjudged, and as I rocketed upwards we collided and exploded.

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I took out a hydra with my insurgent once. The explosive rounds bounced me into the air right in front of the jet, that exploded on impact. I had my voice chat aftivated back then (hearing only) and could hear the other guy laughing his a$$ of.


Another time I met a dude who owned an identical copy of my cognoscenti cabrio at a carmeet. We parked next to eachother and when he drove off to get a diffrent car out he was surprised that the garage would not let him in. Well the reason for that was that he drove there with my car instead of his.

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the funniest thing that happened for me was during my 360 days when i sent a mugger after a random who was in a tank, i was in one of my apartments, when i entered my garage and took one of my cars and left my garage, i get a message saying my random player victim was mugged for some $$$ and at the moment i didn't know the mugger took the random's tank until i got in the area the random was and saw on minimap the mugger driving past in the random's tank being chased by cops! :lol::lol:

Edited by hugh750
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i got killed by 2 low ranks in a very short space of time today, one even gunned me from my jet i was a bit shocked myself lol

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Probably seeing that weird monkey head creature that somebody posted a picture of on here lol

Edited by Big Molio
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Probably seeing that weird monkey head creature that somebody posted a picture of on here lol



This one? lol.




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I was taking a selfie in Sandy Shores, and this tool decides that he can't wait 5 seconds, so he just runs my ass over. I catch up to him on my bike, and I kick his car. This gives him total road rage. He hit the gas pedal, and floored it after me. We ramped off a rock, and he flipped me off right until his timely demise.



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- mugger takes me out of my jet

- getting mugged while sniper dancing in the mountains. mugger pushed me down the f*ckin mountain, thus killing me in the process.

- having my MOC stolen because I had it on everyone, and this f*cker takes me to the beach and drives me into the water while im in the back buying weapon tints. (didnt realize until I was in the water because listening to music) LOL

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At the end of Sandy Shores runway, there's a little gap I jumped in to prevent beeing killed by an Insurgent tryhard who previosly rammed my Buzz to death and tried to kill me either by trying to run me over or shoot me. So I jumped in that gap, he jumped over me with full throttle and while he turned arround I killed him with my Combat Shotgun.


Worth mentioning: I ofc left a "welcome back" approximine at his door before I got on my Bati honking the clown horn :) - 2:0

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Playing Convoy setup with some generic randumbs, dude gets in the truck, I say "wait, come back to me".

1 minute later, the NPC Savage destroys him with cannons! I was right behind in my personal Insurgent, enjoying my Guinness.


Best Heist failure ever.

Edited by Hécate-II
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I've got dragged into "sex hotline" but in chat.

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This one guy was pretending to be a modder on PS4... He was using a glitch and some kid said he was a modder but he couldn't drop money. All he could do is be invisible and teleport. I think the fake modder was at least 17 its just funny because he is trying to act cool around these little kids ONLINE. LOLL I send him a message on PS4 saying he was fake. He later sends me a message that he was going to hack me. Also, there will not be modders on consoles till rockstar stops updating the game and supporting it.

Edited by Capt_Of_Wolves
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Got into a dogfight in my Nokota, going after another Nokota. He went passive and then texted me "truce?". So I broke off and went to go harass somebody at LSIA. A minute later, he came after me firing his guns. Managed to maneuver behind him- he went passive again. Got another text, which also said "truce". This time I stayed behind him, and after a couple of minutes I received "people like you are why this game sucks". And then he left the session.

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