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[GTAIV Hand Grenade]

Recommended Posts

Release date: March of 2008

Origin Info:

GTA IV Grenade

It could be said that Rockstar Games is well known for having a style when it comes to promoting their games, and that

always goes one step further when the new Grand Theft Auto is released. You can certainly expect some cool treats in the

form of some bag of surprises. Well, at least if you are somewhat known and recognized as a Rockstar games and

Grand Theft Auto promoter and devoted enthusiast who continues to keep producing quality content in regards to the

given matter.

GTA IV was no exception, and during its promotion right after its release, Rockstar sent out this one as a " Hidden Package #5 "

to various fansites as a way to promote the game itself, but of course as well as to put smile on the faces of the franchise devoted

admirers and fans.

* To our current knowledge there were couple of these promotional 'events' where Rockstar was sending out the various

goodies - or let's just called them what they really are - " Hidden Package " goodies and swag , and GTA IV Hand Grenade

was part of the " Hidden Package #5 ", received alongside with other numerous items.

Numerically, it is highly unlikely that there were actually hundred of them, but our knowledge reaches up to six of them, with each

containing different promotional material.

Known hidden packages promotional packages: #1,2,3,4,5,6,7.

Status and Availability:

Considering it was given only to a handful of people and is specifically targeted at mentioned fansites, even though they could be

numerous, this one could be regarded as Extremely Rare specimen. The very occasion itself also testify to that, since there was no

retail availability for this one or it was ever mentioned that any additional copies of this particular item has ever been a part of some other

later giveaway, unlike some other items from the " Hidden Package " items. Even though, number of units is unknown, it could be easily

assumed it is in hundreds - and that being the worst case scenario.

Contents: GTA IV Hand Grenade

Other Items:

Hidden Package#5

Liberty City Police Department T-shirt

10 GTA IV stickers:

Grand Theft Auto IV logo

LC Police Department


Burger Shot

[email protected] Internet Cafe


Niko standing putting on a glove

Lola sucking on a lollipop

Man on a mobile holding a gun

Man with Sniper rifle

Rating: Extremely Rare

Price: Unknown


This one is actually a real life hand grenade that has been deactivated. How cool is that?

Turns out, this one was also a part of the Hidden Package #7, received along side with GTA IV

Pool Stick.


Currently we have no information has anyone received any of the Hidden Packages here at GTAForums.

If you might be reading this and you are in possession of one of these, be sure to let us know!

Bombs Away!

Photo Credits: Mosavon

Owners: 2 ( Mosavon, uNi )



Edited by ChengizVlad09

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I have one. :^:

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