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Flutter Shy

Is There A GTA V Map Mod For GTA: San Andreas?

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Flutter Shy

I've seen ENBs in the style of GTA V for San Andreas, I've seen car mods for San Andreas from V, I've seen character mods, and mods that add features to San Andreas from GTA V, but I have yet to see a map mod. I mean, I know of the existence of map parts taken directly out of V, but what I was thinking was more, "Let's replace all of the original map, with the remade version of the map!" If anyone would make that, or knows of a full conversion of the map, PLEASE let me know. And just as an FYI, I DO own GTA V, it's not that I want a pseudo remake of it in an older game so I don't have to pay for it, it's more that the game runs terribly on my laptop as opposed to San Andreas, and if I modify San Andreas to be essentially the same game, I'd be able to play it with little issue.

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I guess you've to wait until modders completely port it to San Andreas. From my knowledge, there are no modification which ports "whole" V map in San Andreas.

But there are a couple which add decent amount of them though. (like ViSA and V2SAxIV2SA)

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GTA V's map (with cars, peds, etc.) will probably run way worse on renderware though so don't expect a miracle to happen and it magically running better in an outdated engine.

Unless the author of the mod takes the time to remove polygons from every model and rescale some textures to lower resolutions.

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