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Stock Market Assassination questions


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So I finished the story for GTA V again and wanted to go after the "A Lot of cheddar" achievement, so I figured the best way to do this was to do the assassinations missions from Lester. I have 2 save games - one before Multi-Target Assassination (I have $42 million on this save) and one after it.

I invest all my money on all 3 characters on Debonaire prior to the mission and after the mission, the highest return I saw was 61%. According to a variety of guides online, people were getting 80 - 100+% on their returns. I load up the other save game and re-do the Multi-target mission, this time my highest returns were 51%.


Is it no longer possible to get higher returns on next gen? Were they nerfed from old gen? What are the max returns to expect from doing these missions on next gen?


EDIT: I never invested prior to doing the hotel assassination, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it

Edited by moneenja31
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read this guide. you get exact info where and when to invest and what to expect from returns.

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read this guide. you get exact info where and when to invest and what to expect from returns.



That's the guide I read. the returns aren't accurate for next gen

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it was good enough, not gonna find better one.

You gotta have own out of the box thinking as well.

Next gen is indeed nerfed BTW, you know to get people off of SP mode.

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I used that guide when I did it last time and it made like 1.5B for Michael and over 1B for Franklin and Trevor.

I don't think they have patched it.

Anyway you don't really need 2B because there are not things to buy.

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The returns are less on CG. You end up with around 1 billion rather than 2 iirc. On ps3 I made the full 2 billion.

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