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BEEFCAKE cheat not working


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Hello folks.

I've played GTA 2 around for a bit recently and really wanted to try out BEEFCAKE cheat (aggressive peds) but it isn't working.

I think BEEFCAKE is something similar to the riot inside prison (redneck mission: penal ties)

Can someone with North American version installed comfirm whether it's working or not :)

Edited by Master150
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It's BUCKFAST. Or I'm not sure if there is special North American edition where it's different. But BUCKFAST works in the Rockstar Classics edition (and Vike's patched) at least.

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[email protected] I've used buckfast a lot and my initial observation is prison inmates appear to be more aggresive than regular street peds.


For example compare aggressiveness of regular street peds to the riot inside Alma Mater Prison in mission *Penal Ties*


I'm curious to know whether BEEFCAKE is activated once the riot start.


Try it out yourself. I'm convinced that the prisoners is more aggresive than street peds.


In short - Alma Mater Prisoners is more hostile than regular street pedestrians with buckfast cheat activated.

Edited by Master150
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  • 2 weeks later...

Some codes may only work in the North American version, while others may only work in the European/Australian PAL version.


BEEFCAKE is mentioned in many GTA 2 cheat lists. So it has to be the original North American Version.


One way to simulate BEEFCAKE is to make a script that instruct all regular peds to attack Claude Speed.

Edited by Master150
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