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What would you change to make SA's story more realistic?

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Let's say that hypothetically we have a new universe that brings together the most realistic (and best) stories of GTA: IV and Vice City. What would you change to make San Andreas a better and more realistic story?


Why would there be SA in the universe that "brings IV and VC" stories together?


Anyway, I would have more missions for Toreno and Truth (re-instated mission where you need to save Truth too). Possibly, more Catalina - she's kind of hot, but also all of these characters' missions make a big use of the countryside and the desert, which are my favourite areas. I would definitely want to do some spy/alien stuff for Toreno and wacky bigfoot/conspiracy missions for Truth.


Other than that SA is pretty good; the only improvement that would really make a difference - another area/city with new characters.

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Hmmm nice bike

How about doing something about the cutscene that starts at 4:45?


CJ has the balls to jump out of a plane without a parachute to catch another plane. Once he jumps out, CJ can also fly as fast as the other plane to catch up with it from behind (and then open the door from the outside).

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* Make Carl less submissive to Catalina. No real OG would tolerate a woman totally dominating him like that.



This is my big one. The Catalina cutscenes are the only ones I hasten through even when I haven't played in a while. The irritating timing, her insanity, his whiny begging...it's hideous.

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No smoke & ryder betrayal

kill Pulakski & Tenpenny on a mission called "One Penny for ski" that comes after The Truth is out here (removed missions)

Hernandez to have an actual voice and not be a enemy for grove street.

Change "The Green Sabre", instead of Caesar, you will get a call from hernandez and see Poncho (drug dealer) & Jay (another caracter in the game idk how he would look like that were good with grove, even main characters)

See Big Bear & B-Dup in more missions

Remove the mission "Sweet's Girl"

Add the removed missions "The truth's out here", "impounded" and more

Zero will have only one mission, it was removed tho and i don't remember the name.

At the end of the game, the visitors in Cj's house will be Madd Dogg, Kent Paul, B-Dup, Emmet and Denise.

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