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Severe in game stuttering after win-10 update.



Hey guys:


My issue today is after ive installed the new Win-10 update the

game ( & only this game ((tested)) ) has a major stuttering effect

while driving or just simply looking around while on ground or in an aircraft.


Now lets get something straight 1st up, b4 thee update things was all fine

happy playing times.


ive lowered all settings to the min- as they can get with out changing res

( tested this as well seemed a bit better ) even lowered my 7600k down from 5.0ghz

to 4.7ghz with out any improvement.


So um yeah Oh ive also done a DDU on my GPU Drivers re-installed it same again.

The game is installed on a SSD.


My Pc Specs : Have changed so ill place this here now:


MB: ASUS Z270 - AR

CPU: Intel 7600k

RAM: Corsair Vengence LPX ( 2x8gb ) also (2x4gb) = total of 24gb. 2133mhz

SSD: Sanddisc 480gb
GPU: GTX G1 970


So if you guys are able to let me know on what the next steps are in order to get this

working fine and dandy again do let me know. Keep in mind the game worked fine

b4 the Win-10 update.

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4 answers to this question

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it's win 10 problem, use 1607 version of win 10 and never let it update or you will experience the same crap you see right now. If the previous update before the current anything between 1703-1706 was working fine too then use those (the newer the better) and dont let windows to install final update that messed it up.

Easiest way is roll back update you just recieved.

Edited by ACM-Jan

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to late now i just formatted the pc re-installed everything and the game 7 discs .

still the same. so yeah something better fix it.

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there is actually free version of each win 10 release as ISO download on internet and microsoft officially allows to use full windows 10 without demand to activate it anymore ( requiring activation is for business facilities only now) so you just look up any win 10 version between 1607 - 1706 and download the iso and install it via usb or DVD.

Then dont allow any updates to come onto it (look up how to block win 10 updates, i only know win 7 internal stuff well)

BTW next time dont delete game folder but keep it ready on secondary harddrive, after you copy it back to main hard drive you only need to verify files by inserting 3 DVDs with numbers the installer asks to write data to sytem registry.

Edited by ACM-Jan

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Thanks for that info ill try to remember that the next time i install win-10

as it takes over 1 day to get everything installed on my pc windows/programs so

forth. But have found what it is and it is the win-10 Creators Edition that came out around April

that is slowing/stuttering games a lot of people are having this issue.


They said they fixed it for most people but not all so lets hope a fix does came later on.

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