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Can anyone help me make two patches in my Motorcycle Roleplaying Club?


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My Motorcycle Roleplaying Club are known as the Nuclear Patriots, we are a motorcycle club that specialize in the Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopia side of the GTA Universe and I wish to have somebody make two patches for the club.


Once I get the information ready for the Nuclear Patriots, I will post it, but I need somebody who's willing to make me patches for the Motorcycle Club. It's very simple to make but I really would like it if somebody can custom-make it if they have the talent of course. I need a Prospect and the Original patches. I do not care if you make it in the GTA V Emblem Maker or custom-make it in Photoshop. (I prefer the latter but it is your choice.)


Size: Crew Emblem size (idk the actual size.)

Font: http://www.fontspace.com/siempre-leales-cm/rebel-bones

Color Scheme: Military Color Scheme/Black and White (up to you which one looks better)


Other Stuff:


For the official emblem for the Nuclear Patriots I would like

"Nuclear Patriots" on the top of the image.

I would like on the left side a square with the two letters "RP" on it (to symbolize that this is a primary roleplaying motorcycle club)

On the right, like every other MC I can find, the two letters "MC"

For the Image I would like a Mushroom Cloud with a skull in the center of it. (It's up to you if you think a 8-bit skull or a realistic skull world work.)

On the Bottom, I would like it to say "Sandy Shores"


For the Prospect emblem for the Nuclear Patriots, I would like the same thing as the first three things, The top, the left and right sign but the last two are different.

For the image I would just like a Nuclear Warhead on it.

On the bottom I would like the word "Prospect" on it.


Finally, this is just a extra thing only for Photoshop creators so it's optional, I would like the emblems to look as if they are worn out and covered in dirt. since the idea I had with this is that the Nuclear Patriots was founded during either:


A. a Alternate History Dystopia where America became fascist in WWII and has a corrupt military force that shoots on site, which the Nuclear Patriots were formed as a form of illegal freedom fighting organization and/or a outlaw biker gang rebelling against the new American law.




B. A Post-Apocalypse timeline where America is in a massive civil war with itself and many cities are in martial law with the Police, FBI and Military allow to shoot anybody for any dang reason.


If anybody can make this, I can possibly add you into the lore of the Nuclear Patriots as either the dictator (For the dystopian-side) and the President (for the Post-Apocalypse side.) that is, of course, if you want to.


Thanks and stay mutated, brothers.


- James Mason (FlashyThrone64)

Edited by WubbaFox
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DUDE! That's... sorry for cursing, f*ckING AMAZING! Thank you so much! I was thinking about remaking the post but damn this is amazing!


Plus for the sandy shores one, I was thinking about having a Mushroom Cloud with the Skull in the center of it like the mushroom cloud is in the background and the skull is at the base of it but I like that formation better!

Edited by WubbaFox
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