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The Dark Assassin


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This is a series of The Dark Assassin mission. It's not kind of story, but a list of missions you can play. You'll play as Ajax, a secret agent of Einzein Corporation, being as assassin, but ends up becoming a secret killer as he proved up the skills.



The playable and main character. He's a secret agent of Einzein Corporation, codename ''The Dark Assassin'', and working with a man called: Smith, but sometimes he's working with other people.


Adams is Ajax's partner. He's working with no-one and leaving tasks to Ajax when it comes a mission. Being a mysterious man that all peoples, even Ajax hard to find him.


The leader of Einzein Corporation (E.C). He is 'money grubber' as he always concerned a money and properties. Sometimes, he hired Ajax as his secret assassin.


Assistan of Mr. Smith and used to be an intermediary business.


Leader of "The Royal's of Rovers" ( T.R.O.R) that rules Los Santos.


Einzein Corporation (E.C.)

Lead by Mr. Smith and allied to Ajax.
Richest organization in Los Santos.

The Royal's of Rovers (T.R.O.R.)

Lead by Louis Francis. The biggest organization and rules Los Santos.

The Golden Saints (T.G.S.)

Lead by Adams Raines and the second biggest group. In a bussiness with TROR.

The Lion Scorpions

Lead by Jose Pedro a.k.a JP. Still a small group but become wild since mission Hero In Dark.


1. Mr. Smith's Task: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50364

2. Killing in the Town: Work in Progress



While I release some missions, you can do some screenshots.


Dutchy3010: For releasing the mod: DYOM

PatrickW: For releasing the mod: DYOM

Martin: For making missions.

Edited by Martin_Strada
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PyThOn #TakeItEasy

Look forward to play this! I like missions related to Secret Agents! ;)

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Look forward to play this! I like missions related to Secret Agents! ;)


Thank you for your kindness.

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