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People cheating in LTS to get weapons, how do they do it?


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I don't see this often but still shows up from time to time. The game is usually runners vs cars or rpg vs insurgents. weapons set to forced + pickups and I don't ever see a pickup icon unless for some reason it's right on them when the game starts and doesn't respawn. basically a player on the insurgent/runner team calls an ammo drop and somehow manage to pick it up even though they should presumably have no weapons. next thing i know i am getting shot by a carbine or sniped. i just cant figure out how they are doing it and only one person does it. when the round is over and we switch sides it never works for my team. i even spawn in the same spot that the cheater does. and on every game this happens on, there is no possible way they can get to zancudo and kill the guards so i have no idea how they get carbines.

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.Diana McFarland.

mod menus have an option to give you every weapon in the game instantly.

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Really? Why should a modder call an ammo drop? It's a glitch no modding. This has happened to me too on PS4 in a deathmatch, Shotgun wedding(?). There are only two weapons the sawed off as forced weapon and the pumpaction shotgun as pickup. But one guy had clearly visible a weapon with a clip and suppressor.

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The only lts I know is one of those stupid cars vs rockets map at Fort Zancudo. You kill the gate guard and get his gun. Anything else though is probably someone using a menu on pc.

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With the weapons, it is actually a timing issue and can only be done by the host. The host switches the weapon options quickly to one then back again with usually half a second left before launching. Occasionally the option won't change on other players' screens and remain on forced, while on some it may have changed to Owned.


It is however very hard to do, but it has been around since launch.

Edited by REXX
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Perfect Rockstar coding.

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This is all on PS4, obviously on PC this stuff happens all the time. It just happened again but finally it was someone on my team. Wasn't paying attention but saw one of my teammates call an ammo drop, next thing I know he is mowing everyone down with a special carbine. It was one of the most popular rockets vs insurgents LTS on Vinewood blvd. The guy that did it wasn't host either.

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There not cheating they just keister the weapons then remove them when the match starts.

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