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[#28] Customs, Cruisers & Classics: Spooky Thicc 👻

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(Cover photos provided by: matrelith, inbetweendays_, -kaas, teekoo, mggames100, and 70bossmustang429)

Welcome enthusiast to issue #28 of Customs, Cruisers, and Classics! Happy Halloween! A few vehicles have arose from the dark depths of this DLC after a few weeks of just hearing the sounds of shrieks and groans echoing throughout these forums, haunted with imps and brain dead zombies! The Vigilante and Western Seabreeze are now available for purchase! Currently there are also a bunch of discounts and bonuses happening between 10/31-11/6. Check out the official Rockstar newswire post for all the details!


The Vigilante


(Photo by: @JoonasPRKL)

Its been awhile since we received a new land vehicle and I think a lot of us assumed that we would be getting the Vigilante around this part of the month. Well, what can I say? It feels like a Twisted Metal car has made its way to GTA in the form of a Batmobile. It doesn't seem to have a place with the smugglers run update, but the vehicle felt appropriate not only for Halloween but also as an homage to the late Adam West who passed in June of this year. Mr. West was best known for his role in the 1960's Batman television series.

The Vigilante can be customized, but other than wheels there aren't any new cosmetic upgrades you can apply to it. To have the ability to shoot missiles, the upgrade will cost $180,000 and you will have 30 missiles equipped at a time. It also contains a rocket booster similar to the Rocket Voltic and Oppressor and a machine gun which comes standard at no extra cost.

The Vigilante is a combination of the Batmobiles from the 80's and 00's movies.

Not only is the Vigilante loaded with ammunition; it's ramming properties is comparable to an Insurgent, though it can only take 1 hit with a rocket before it explodes. This thing is literally like a tank on wheels! With its rocket booster, it has the highest average top speed, making it the fastest land vehicle in a straight line to date. But because this is a weaponized vehicle its not allowed in normal races. Imagine a race against this with contact on, what a nightmare that would be!

The price of the Vigilante is heafty $3.75M from the Warstock cache and carry. What are your thoughts on vehicles like this in GTA? Do they have a place in future GTA DLC's? Or is it flat out stupid and you're still wondering if there will ever be a Tuna DLC? The discussion continues HERE.


The Western Seabreeze

(Phoro by: @Professional Amateur)

Is it a boat? Is it a plane? It's not Superman, so it must be the Seabreeze, the newest addition to Elitas Travel in GTA Online.

The Seabreeze is a small and luxurious seaplane, almost in direct contrast to the Tula. However, the Seabreeze does have something in common with the Tula: the ability to mount a bomb bay in the hull, and it can also be equipped with two wing-mounted MGs. They are mounted almost mid-wing, so aiming may be problematic at times. Overall, it boasts a fairly good speed, and despite being an amphibious aircraft, it is relatively manoeuvrable, but don't expect a Seabreeze to swat a Pyro or LF-22 Starling out of the sky with ease. It comes in at $1,130,500 and goes down to an $850,000 trade price after 36 Air-Freight Source missions.

The Western Seabreeze is almost a direct ripoff of the Seawind 300C, even down to its name.


@Slasher - Annis Elegy Retro


@DrSame - Bravado Rat Truck


@Spectacus - Western Daemon


@The-Ghost - Western Seabreeze


- Pfister Comet Retro


- Imponte Dukes


@TeeKoo - Declasse Tornado


- Western Seabreeze


@Caysle - Willard Faction



In each issue aka Arthur Fookin Shelby, will have the tedious job of picking a weekly pin-up girl for the readers pleasure enjoyment joy! The photos will always be work safe but put in spoiler tags so you may have the option of viewing them whenever you choose; or don't click it because y'no, you just wanted to strictly see cars :cool: !

This weeks pin-up girl is:

Nizhoni Cooley 💋






Each week I will feature a video clip of the pure sound of some of the best sounding cars/bikes to ever grace this planet! The videos will always be put in spoiler tags so you may view at your own time and to avoid mobile users from accidentally clicking the play button when scrolling. Time to tickle your brain with the vibrations of

The Song of my People!


Audi S2 killer launch!

**I have no affiliation with the authors of the videos provided in this feature**

Paid CC&C Advertisment:


Do you like pretty boys? Or maybe you are one? Well top standing on a street corner in shady areas and put those looks to good use by showing interest and entering GTAF's Mister Los Santos! Info, Prizes? Candy? click the banner above!



Long-time and supporter for CC&C, Custom Rides thread regular, and Audi lover, @Audi!
You've been a long time supporter of CC&C, what is your absolute favorite feature of the issues?
I enjoy it all, but apart from the car pics themselves I'd have to say the pin-up obviously.

You also won my Issue #20 give away, what did you spend your $$$ on?
I put it towards a nice stand for my pc monitor.

You're part of a few GTAF gangs, what is your favorite part about it?
The social aspect (mostly on discord) and the bants definitely. I've been in a few in the past, one is deader then my self respect and another I drifted apart from over time as I lost interest in GTAO. But definitely found my place now.

What got you interested in cars/bikes?
I grew up around lowriders and sport trucks all my life but I'd say the first Fast and Furious got me more interested in cars and customization. Didn't really become a "car enthusiast" until my senior year of High School though. The E39 M5 got me into Euro cars specifically and I've been hooked since.

How long have you been into the GTA series games?
Since GTA Vice City was new, so 2002? First game I got on PS2.

Do you have a preference in what type of cars/bikes you shoot? (Japanese, American, Euro, etc)
In game no. Lately I've been leaning towards muscle as well as sh*tty npc cars.

What is your favorite vehicle in the GTA series of all time?
That's a tough one, so many choices come to mind. I guess the one that sticks out the most would be the pre GTAV Cheetah.

Is there a vehicle from any GTA series that you would want to see return?
Broadway from San Andreas. Closest thing in the GTA universe to a 40's Chevy Bomb.

What is your favorite car or bike in real life?
Damn hard to pick just one. It would have to be the W211 Mercedes Benz E55 AMG Kompressor or the Audi B5 RS4.


Any pet peeves with the automotive community?
There are a few that come to mind. Most obvious would be purposely poorly modded cars (ricers, bosozoku, ebay "budget" builds in racing and over exaggerated stance cars to the point of being unsafe for road use). Also the people that argue over types of auto racing especially when the "real car guys" comes up.

Can you name your favorite car/racing game of all time?
Gran Turismo 4

Do you use any other type of photo editors outside of the Rockstar Editor?
Adobe Lightroom

Do you have any photography tips for the readers?
All the previous interviews already gave better advise then I could. Best i can do is repeat my favorites lol. Don't over edit a picture to try and make up for a bad raw pic. You'll just end up with an over edited bad pic (speaking from experience on that one). Take the time to set up the raw shots right in terms of lighting, shadows, background, ect. Then use the R* editor to get the pics looking good (don't go high on the manual contrast/brightness/saturation/vignette sliders and filter strength shouldn't be over 10. Then just do quick touch ups in post editor software.

Find a few good full car angles. 20 crooked pics of half a fender or a taillight is awful.

Take several pics with different filter and depth of field settings to figure out what looks best. Then select the best ones and delete the rest. Quality > Quantity.

If you could create your own Medal on GTAF what would it be and who would be the first recipients?
Hmm, there's already so many good ones, especially the random custom ones that pop up (looks at own medal ). Probably a medal for thirstiest member and give it to Rafs.

Is there anything you would like to see be added in GTAF in the future?
"Perma-banned" members actually staying banned longer then 6 months. Also Goon Squad certified crew would be cool too. They're more active then WMCC or The Lost tbh.

When you're not thinking of cars all day, do you have any hobbies outside of GTAF you care to share?
Apart from gaming and racing I sometimes golf and go shooting. It's very therapeutic. I'm also annually disappointed by my LA Dodgers every October. Which leads to my other hobby, whisky.

Do you have any spo0py stories to tell in the spirit of Halloween?
Hmm, no bigger spooky story then the nightmares of owning a used Audi.

Any other comments or shout outs?
Thanks for the chance to be interviewed! Keep up the good work on CCC, and also to all the regulars in the screenshots thread keep posting. Even when I stop playing this game for months I still go in there to see what others are posting and more often then not it motivates me to get back to taking pics.

Shout out to Yakuza and $$H. Oh and follow the homie Pav.

Exclusive photo provided just for CC&C!

A Spo0py applause to @Audi for being a great supporter of CC&C and an overall good friend to many of us who know him on GTAF!

[table] 📚 Previous Customs, Cruisers, and Classics Issues: #27, #26, #25 📷 Want a better chance of your snap to be featured? Share them here! Vehicle Screenshots: Custom Rides & Garages 🎨 Looking for a factory color or need something custom tailored? Kustom Crew Color Requests 💡 Have an idea for a vehicle you want to see added to GTA? The Vehicle Wishlist and Speculation Topic👥 In search of a Car Meet or want to host your own? Find Lobbies & Players 📝 Interested in being interviewed or want to promote your Workshop?
💬 Questions, Comments, or Feedback? Contact: @V4S 🐈 [/table]

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Professional Amateur

mista LS right here:



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Another great issue 👌


That S2 video always gives me chills.

Edited by Audi

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Great issue! :D

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["Probably a medal for thirstiest member and give it to Rafs."]


Edited by Thugazi

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f*cking hell, thank you so much for the shoutout. Really weird to see Mister Ls promo'd in the only the world's best car magazine. Glad you're back V4! Hope all is good. Rad interview as always, big plus for having Audi on. Also big plus on throwing in that photography tip question, that's always appreciated! :^:

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I've always loved CCC, and I can't believe one of my snaps got chosen for the cover. Thanks V4.

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Another great issue 👌


That S2 video always gives me chills.

Great interview! 😏😅

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Lol fk you Audi

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Another great issue 👍🏻

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