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[MP] Of Two Minds


Recommended Posts



-Introductory mission has been added ~ Mission #2 is in progress ~ October/31


"Sean Ford. A recently promoted FBI agent, put up to a task he knows he won't be able to go through with. It is present day, mafias are fighting over territory and power everywhere, and on top of them all sit the Capriani Family, a group of most wanted criminals even the baddest son of a gun would think twice about crossing. The Caprianis managed to get on the FBIs radar and they are not holding back. There's word about a new errand boy around Liberty City, doing the Capriani's dirty work to cut himself a piece of their power and respect. The family want to fly him out to Las Venturas to meet with the higher-ups, but the FBI have other plans. They arrest the errand boy before he can catch his flight, and send in the newly promoted agent, Sean Ford, in his place. Sean finds himself forced to blend into the mafia's operations, all the while doubting his life choices and questioning orders.
Will Sean Ford's uncertainty lead him down the wrong path? Find out in Of Two Minds."



Download Link: Click Here






-Mission Pack thread created ~ October/31
-Introductory Mission added ~ October/31



"After a very long hiatus from creating missions for DYOM and not interacting with the DYOM community, I decided now was the time to finally make my return. I've been feeling very nostalgic about my teenage days, and DYOM was a very big part of those years, so I've been playing everyone's mission packs every now and then, which motivated me to get back in the DYOM game. This missionpack will be a very short, 8-mission story that will follow the actions of Sean Ford as an FBI agent forced to blend into a notorious crime family. I hope you enjoy playing the missions, I'm trying my hardest to add as much detail and quality to every mission. The last mission pack I released was waaaay back in 2012/2013, so I'm a little rusty on these new 8.1 features, but I'm slowly learning.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy playing this mission pack, any feedback is welcome.
Thank you for taking the time to view this thread!"


Edited by Blessed Viper
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Looks promising, good luck for this MP! :D

I'll give it a try, wait for my feedback. :^:

Looks great, gonna play and feedback ASAP!

Thank you all for the comments! I'll take all feedback into consideration for future missions


Mission 2 is around half-way done, so expect it to be released within the next few days

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Here's my review of the first mission.




''Writing'': Excellent: No need to say, the writing is understandable and great. 5/5

''Presentation'' Good: The presentation looks good, it's all right. I like when my playable character shut the door, by the way, I know that you're didn't used Liberty City map, you're used, San Fierro. 4.65/5

''Variety'' Very good: the variety is just awesome, my favorite scene is in the Car shop, lot's of sports cars: Turismo, Alpha, Infernus. TTT... 4.85/5



Overall Score: 8.5



Overall, the introduction of this mission pack looks interesting as f%^k. Can't wait to see more.


Edited by Martin_Strada
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This looks interesting. I would be looking forward to it. I will go and play the introductory mission and I will give my feedback afterwards.


GOOD LUCK! :happy:

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This is outstanding! I knew it'd be amazing and those GFXs are very freakin nice, I'll learn editing like you :3.

I will play until more missions are out, good luck then!

Edited by Amethyst
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