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Vice City - A Classic Texture Pack...

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We've had 20 years of the incredible series that is Grand Theft Auto, so I thought I'd celebrate by releasing a follow up to my previous mod GTA3: A Classic Texture Pack.







This is a texture pack that replaces many textures in Vice City with their original Grand Theft Auto counterparts. This includes but is not limited to: roads, pavements, grass, rocks, dirt and Radar. A fitting way to celebrate the roots of the series.


Version 1.0:

  • Roads - Replaced with converted textures from the original Grand Theft Auto. (Top-Down View is recommended for full nostalgia)
  • Grass - Converted from GTA1.
  • Water - Converted from GTA1 with particle effects
  • Pavements/Side-walks - The classic yellow brick texture as well as the Pink one from VC from GTA1
  • Weapon Icons - Original icons converted from GTA1 with some others made in the same style.
  • HUD - Powerhouse font with R* stars.
  • Fonts - Pricedown has been replaced with Powerhouse (the titular GTA1 font) and Clarendon has taken place of Geneva.
  • Menus - Classic GTA1 menu background
  • Intros - DMA intro with custom titles.
  • Splash Screens - Classic loading screens from the PlayStation version.













New Roads, Trees and Water














Download Links: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ijyuht5r8r8158z/GTA_VC_A_Classic_Texture_Pack_1.0_CRAZYGTASAINT.rar

GTAGarage: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=29023 (No Download Available yet)




GXT Editor V1.3
GTA1 Modding Tools
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Movie Maker
and of course...DMA Design (Rockstar North)
Note: This mod is not intended too look great but to give an good feel of nostalgia.
Picture Links Broken

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Awesome work! This looks fantastic!

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Kurropt Antagonist

Interesting, the screens almost look like this was a Nintendo 64 port.

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