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GTAForums Weekly Issue 33


Recommended Posts




Week of October 22nd - October 28th






Welcome to the thirty-third issue of the GTAForums Weekly newsletter!



Up for another Snap Battle? Hosted by @uNi. season four had started just hours after our 32nd issue was posted, and there's already been quite a few submissions. Sponsored by GOG.com, Season Four's prizes include 10 keys to the original Mafia game, which also makes it very fitting that the season theme is "Organized Crime". For this season, you can post a snap / screenshot from any GTA game, as long as it is relevant to the theme. Staff members will choose the ten best, and they will then be awarded with a copy of Mafia. The deadline is fast approaching, which is on October 31st.. so you have a few days to enter if you think you have that special shot.

Spider-Vice opened up a topic to discuss the recent Rockstar interview with GameInformer, which includes some details about GTA Online's success, and why we haven't seen any Single Player DLC. This isn't covered in Rockstar Central, so be sure to check out the topic if you're interested.

GTAForums currently has a total of 15,109,379 posts (+10,183 from last week) and 717,793 members (+405 from last week) at the time this is being posted.


























Welcome to the thirty-third week of Rockstar Central! I’m your host, Spider-Vice, and we’ll be highlighting this week’s happenings in the Rockstar Universe.



L.A. Noire

After a very uncanny period of silence, Rockstar has finally released some more content about the L.A. Noire next gen version that is coming on the 14th of November! A new trailer has been released, showing off the new enhancements like texture quality and lighting, in glorious 4K, making this Rockstar’s first 4K trailer, and not RDR2 as one would somewhat expect. You can check the trailer out in its full glory in Rockstar’s video section.

If you haven’t done so and you’re interested, you can also pre-order it on its brand-new website for PS4 (Pro), Xbox One (X), the HTC Vive and Nintendo Switch.

Rockstar General

This is Halloween! Sing with me!

Rockstar is running a Warehouse Halloween sale, and it’s one that might be worth checking out. Until Halloween, Rockstar is offering a 30% off select products, such as:

- GTA V (and PC Download with a GTAO money offer)

- Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition

- Select R* Apparel, such as the Undead Nightmare, I Heart Zombies, Bugstars, Black Merryweather Security, White and Yellow Los Santos Lifeguard, Kifflom, STD Contractors tees, and the Grotti and Merryweather Polos, along with the Merryweather Cap

For those interested in in-game currency, Rockstar is also offering a 15% discount on the Megalodon Shark Card on PC and 10% off the Whale, also on PC.

GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online is four years old! Happy birthday! Despite... a somewhat negative evolution and repetitive content lately, happy birthday all the same. To celebrate GTA Online’s fourth anniversary, Rockstar is running a bunch of bonuses, including continuing last week’s, and they’re also offering a GTA$400K deposit to everyone to logs on to GTA Online within the next week!

Along with the anniversary celebrations, Rockstar has released a brand-new vehicle in time for Halloween. Ominous, quick, and dangerous, it does not at all resemble a vehicle whose reimagination first appeared in a certain 1989 film made by a guy whose first name is Tim, not at all. The Vigilante is equipped with rocket propulsion and front mounted machineguns, just like the thing I mentioned above that’s not the vehicle from the film at all. It holds a missile upgrade, and you can get it from Warstock Cache & Carry.

A new Transform Race has also been released, Inferno, where you can use the Vigilante, as well as turn into the Beast. A vehicle race turned into a leg race. This is not how I imagined Halloween to be, how do you expect me to run after eating all this candy? Regardless, 2x GTA$ and RP for Transform Races continues until the 30th!

Along with that, a new Adversary Mode has been released, too. Time’s running out! Condemned, the newest mode, marks one unlucky player for imminent death. When the timer runs out, you can kiss goodbye to your existence, because you’ll be at the doors of Purgatory yelling to come back! But while you’re thinking about what you’re going to do in Purgatory, you can pass the death to someone else, and the only way to do that... is by sending them to Purgatory themselves. Paradox! Last man standing, wins. This mode also has Double GTA$ and RP bonuses through the 6th of November.

As mentioned above, GTA Online’s fourth anniversary triggered a waterfall of generosity from Rockstar, and players can also expect Double GTA$ and RP for Smuggler’s Run missions, for all participants! Yes, this includes associates and bodyguards, who will also have a doubled salary, so you better have a lot of money in your bank account, dear CEO, because this week is not going to be easy for your economy unless you fire everyone. Which you shouldn’t do. Please don’t.

The $400K deposit for people who log on to GTA Online is available for everyone who does this until the 6th of November, and the actual deposit will be done between the 6th and the 13th, akin to other events where Rockstar gives out money gifts.

Before we get to the actual discounts, we also should mention that you now have more options to cosplay as whatever you want to this Halloween, as masks and face paint are 25% off at the Vespucci Beach Mask Store (and others). If you log-in this week, you’ll also get some spankin’ new t-shirts: The Cheerleader Massacre 3 T-Shirt, the Vinewood Zombie T-Shirt and the Knife After Dark T-Shirt, all great Vinewood movies you should watch, and not listen to reviews on Spoiled Tomatoes.

Now, to the discounts! You’ll be able to save on the following this week:

25% off returning Halloween vehicles:

- The Fränken Stange

- Lurcher

- LCC Sanctus

30% off:

- All Hangars

- All Bunkers

- All Biker Clubhouses

- All Vehicle Warehouses

- Weaponised Tampa (both Trade and Buy Now prices)

- Half-Track (both prices)

- Ramp Buggy (both prices)

- Phantom Wedge (both prices)

- Ruiner 2000 (both prices)

- Vapid Retinue

- Hijak Ruston

- Pegassi Infernus Classic

- Pegassi Vortex

- Nagasaki Shotaro

- Declasse Tornado Rat Rod

- Ocelot Penetrator

- Banshee 900R Upgrade

- V-65 Molotok (both prices)

The active Time Trial and Premium races are the same as last week, as they run until the 30th. Phew, that was a lot of Halloween content for GTA Online’s 4th birthday!






























































Arrow: What initially brought you to GTAForums?

GTAKid667: I found out about GTAForums through GTAGarage as at one point I was interested in modding GTA San Andreas and trying out some of the different mods that the community here had created and having some fun with the game. After a while of browsing around for mods, I decided to make an account but for the first few years I didn't really look into the forums too much and so didn't make any posts, I hadn't ever been a part of any forum communities before so it was all kind of new to me.

It was really in the run up to GTA V's release that I started visiting here, around the time that Trailer 2 was released, and I joined in with all the hype as we learned new information about the game and was a part of so much of the discussion and speculation that was going on at the time. And I've been visiting here regularly ever since, started posting around the older GTA Game forums and Off Topic sections. I don't post as much as I did at one point these days, but you can bet I still visit here every day and love being a part of the community.

As a member of the community for over 7 years, what's your opinion of the community?

The GTAForums Community is awesome! I love the diversity of the members that visit this site, the fact that there are people from all over the world and all different backgrounds connected by their enjoyment of the GTA Series. The discussions that take place here can be really interesting to read at times too, hearing the different views that each member has about a particular game and its features and missions, or views about other games and other topics entirely over in the Off Topic Forums. Views that may be completely different to your own, and views you may not agree with at all, but still interesting to read and see why people feel a certain way about something. Forums like this wouldn't exist or would be extremely boring if we all shared exactly the same views on everything.

Could you tell us more about your username choice?

There's really not all that much to tell. I'd love to give you some great backstory or creative reasoning but honestly you'd probably have a better guess of whatever this username is meant to be than I would!

What do you enjoy most about the community?

Without a doubt, it's the members of this community that make this place so special. We have such a wide range of members here like I said earlier, people from all over the world and with such vastly different backgrounds and different opinions. Some of the effort and the contributions that these members have made across the website or the network as a whole is admirable. Anyone who has made a post here has had a part in making this place as awesome as it continues to be each day.

What's really great is seeing the members here who go on to form groups and communities with other members that they respect and get on well with. There are so many of us that came to this site initially to discuss these games but have continued to visit more because of the other members and the smaller communities that are created within the forums, such as the Official Gangs and Crews. It brings many members of the community closer together and I know this myself having met so many awesome and really interesting people here that I simply wouldn't have known otherwise because of how far we are away from each other geographically.

Which forum member do you feel closest to?

There's simply no way I'd be able to choose just one member, I've met so many great people here who I speak to regularly and they all know exactly who they are. I'm not going to name anyone specifically, mainly because I don't want to miss anyone out, but here's a few groups of people in particular who I really respect:

The Chain Game Players are some of the nicest and most respectful people I've ever spoken to, we all look out for each other and have some great conversations and laughs in addition to the turn taking and fun we have participating in the game itself. A few people in particiular I have spoken with regularly for years and I think I would be lost on these forums without having them around.

Everyone in the Leone Family Mafia are awesome. I've been a member of LFM for nearly 4 Years now and love being a part of a group with the others who are all really great guys and it's always nice to talk with them, even though it may not always seem like we're the most active bunch.

And the Staff Team. A group of people that really care about this community and making sure that everything is running right clearing up those less desirable posts and keeping this place well maintained, and people that I've been able to speak to and get to know well.

I mention these groups specifically, but honestly you're all just so awesome! :)

Picture this; you've suddenly become an Admin here on the forum. What do you do first?

I don't think there's anything specific I'd do, I probably wouldn't be doing that much different than what I do already other than I'd be helping out across the entire website rather than only in the GTA Sections like I do now. I'm very fortunate to be part of the Staff Team here and love helping out as much as I can, and hope to be able to do that for many more years.

You've been running the III & VC Chain Games for 4 years now. What inspired you to take over the Chain Game in first place?

The Chain Game is one of the main reasons I still visit this forum so regularly, and is one of the best things I have ever been a part of. I love the older GTA Games and have had so many great memories of playing them over the years since when I was young and the Chain Game has given me the opportunity to not only still play these games regularly, but experience them in a completely new way with people who have the same interest in these games as I do.

I've seen something that started off as a simple idea turn into a such a great community of players. I've met some seriously awesome people through the Chain Game that I may not have met on the forums otherwise, people I speak to regularly and who I really respect. For me, The Chain Game is not just about having the fun of playing these games over and over again, but also about the people who take the turns and join in, because they are really what make the game special and what the game is all about. And I don't just mean the regular players when I say that either; I mean every single member of GTAForums who has ever taken even just one turn in a Chain Game.

When I was asked back in 2013 whether or not I would like to take over and run the games, there was simply no way I could refuse such an opportunity. It's been an absolute honour and I hope to have the opportunity to continue being a part of these games for many more years.

What's in the future for the Chain Games?

There's nothing major planned for the Chain Games in the future, I think right now the games are running smoothly and things are going really well. If anything, it'd be great to see the activity we have had this past year to continue and for us to keep going as we are for many years to come.

That doesn't mean there isn't anything being done though, I've been working on some new Opening Posts and with @TubewayArmy working on some major updates to the Chain Game Index threads which include a lot of statistical information and some interesting trivia from the history of the game and previous rounds we've played.

There's always something being worked on for these games, they're more work to run than they may seem from an outside perspective but everything that gets done, no matter how long it takes, is always absolutely worth it in the end.

As the ledby of the GTA Series Section, what's your favorite GTA or R* title?

Grand Theft Auto III. It was the first GTA Game that I had ever played and I just fell in love with everything about it right from the beginning. The Atmosphere, the Characters, the Soundtrack - I just love every single part of this game and there are so many memories that I have had of playing this game over the years, whether that is all the times I've played it to 100%, all the times I've taken turns in the Chain Game or and the times I've played it with friends. There are not many games I've enjoyed enough to still be talking about them and playing them regularly after more than a decade. It's a truly special game and one I'll always continue to enjoy.

It's not just GTA III though, I really love the entire GTA Series as a whole. I own more copies of some of these games than I'm willing to admit, and played through them all countless times and enjoyed every experience and learned so much about them with each playthrough. I mainly talk about the older GTA Games here on the forums and am probably more known for my love of those games given how much I have posted about them in the past and how much know about them, but some may be surprised to know that I'm a big fan of both GTA IV and V as well. I'm not as frequently seen in those areas of the forums but just a few months ago I was having a lot of fun going back through IV and EFLC, and I intend to do another playthrough of V soon as well. IV was really the first game I played a lot of multiplayer of too, and there's some really great memories there!

Tell us more about the person behind your alias. Any favorite interests, hobbies, music, and so on?

I'm a really boring person honestly, there's not all that much I can say about myself and what I get up to. I'm interested in technology and spend most of the free time I get talking to friends, playing games, listening to music and browsing GTAForums.

There's so many games that I own that I haven't even got around to playing yet, whether I just haven't had the time or have been playing something else, so I'm planning to get around to them all eventually but that'll take some time as the list just keeps increasing while the time I have to play games really isn't. I'm looking forward to picking up the L.A Noire Remaster though and can't wait for RDR2 either!

Any final comments or shoutouts? Do you have anything to say to our readers & the GTAF community?

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do an interview for GTAF Weekly. I enjoy reading them every week, and I hope that all of you readers enjoyed the interview on my boring self. You're all awesome! :)




Virtual Self - EON BREAK






“EON BREAK” is the first track released by Virtual Self, a new project by American DJ and producer Porter Robinson. In contrast to his original project, the track features a completely different sound to the one featured in his debut album, Worlds. Instead of the synthpop and electro-house influence seen on his debut album and live sets, “EON BREAK” opts for a more nostalgic, happy hardcore/breakbeat sound that seems like it was taken from a Japanese rhythm videogame like Dance Dance Revolution. Robinson has previously cited these types of videogames as a musical inspiration, as well as having previously released hands-up tracks under a different alias known as Ekowraith.



The release was also accompanied by an alternate reality game (which is still ongoing at the time of writing), in which cryptic messages were displayed via separate Twitter accounts, as well as clues in the music video for the song itself.



Album: N/A



Genre: Electronic



Release Date: October 25, 2017



Label(s): Self-release



Writer(s): Porter Robinson






- Editor & Publisher, Topics/Snaps of the Week



- GTAForums News



@Ash_735 - Get Modified



@slohbur - Graphics Assistant



@Spider-Vice - Rockstar Central



@Testarossa - Track of the Week



@unbid - Interviewer




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Great read as always Android! :^:

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I live to read these interviews now. This one was splendid. <3

Suggestion: Could you bring back the intro bit on who the person being interviewed is? It does help to recognize the avatar/profile and a quick summary on who they are on GtaF is definitely appreciated. No worries, I know GTAKid but for those who don't, would be cool. :)

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Suggestion: Could you bring back the intro bit on who the person being interviewed is? It does help to recognize the avatar/profile and a quick summary on who they are on GtaF is definitely appreciated. No worries, I know GTAKid but for those who don't, would be cool. :)

That was my bad, I meant to include it but it slipped from my mind.


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I live to read these interviews now. This one was splendid. <3 :)

Glad to know. We shall include a brief intro about the person next time. The next few ones are some of the most interesting people around here.
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Excellent work and a great interview :^:


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