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Recommended Posts

Release date: 2003


*Contest Entry Deadline: 15/7/03


Origin Info:


Back in 2003 and to properly celebrate the release of the Grand Theft Auto Vice City on PC,

Rockstar Games has held " The Big Playback Contest ", with clear intention to shine some light

on two potential winners.


So, " let there be light ", Rockstar said.


Players contested in two categories:


-Insane Stunt Jump; as the Category number 1 and;

-Extraordinary 30 Seconds; as the Category number 2


Sometimes after the draw, winners were announced.

Check the link below for more info:




Status and Availability:


Nothing but extremely rare - uniquely and exquisitely rare. Only 2 of these were handed out -

to the contest winners at least. Searching through the big web, the actual winner, by the name of Bryan Walker,

winner of the Insane Stunt Jump Category part of the Contest, decided to make an inquiry about the Neon Sign,

with none other than Rockstar Games themselves.


Turns out, that there was yet another contest held sometimes after the aforementioned one, called

" The 101 Package Contest " , where additional one found its way to one more winner.

But the story doesn't end there, since Rockstar Games had made a confirmation, stating that the final

number goes up to six (6) units in total, with other three being sent out to unknown gaming stores.


You certainly won't find this one hanging on the wall of your favorite bar. Limiting their number to 6 units

says it all. Albeit a neon sign, this one is deep in the dark and hard to spot. And for deeper pockets as well.

I have to join the Merryweather.


Number of Units: 6


Rating: Extremely Rare; or even Uniquely Rare.


(More about ' Uniquely Rare ' status coming when the " Rating/Grading Rarity Section " is up and ready)


Price: Small amount of 3000.00 USD


Trivia: Unknown


I'd like to send special thanks to Kenneth Koepnick of the toydepartment for letting me use his pictures

and indirectly to Bryan Walker, winner of the mentioned contest, for making the inquiry and letting us all know!


Owners: johndoe365


* Please note: The reliable Rarity Rating System still haven't been determined by the Administration and Staff, so the current status might be prone to changes.










Edited by ChengizVlad09
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