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Recommended Posts

Release date: 05/1106

Origin Info:
This one was being handed out during one of the Rockstar Games
Contests Giveaway, held in 2006 as the main prize. The reason behind the giveaway
must have been the celebration of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories release for
the first time on Playstation Portable.
*Unfortunately the main link to the page doesn't exist anymore, but nevertheless, here
is the official info:
" For your chance to win 1 of 5 fantastic limited edition
Simply answer the following question using the form below:
What year is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories set in?
1. 2025
2. 1938
3. 1984
This prize draw is not open to employees of Take2 Interactive or Rockstar Games
or any of their families or agents. Entrants must be over 18 years old.
Closing date for entries is 5pm, November 5th, 2006. "
Status and Availability:
Now, this one is certified by Rockstar Games themselves as 'LIMITED' merchandise,
and taking that into account, ranks it at the highest levels in the collecting world.
Not so long after the giveaway was over, unknown number of these appeared in
Rockstar Games Warehouse and unsurprisingly they were gone in record time.
You won't find this one floating around, waiting to be collected at any time and any place
just like that.
" Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Beach Chair ";
" Grand Theft Auto Vice City Pillow ", is also the official Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto
memorabilia, but is used for the sake of appearances here.
*GTA Vice City Pillow will be introduced in the topic of its own.
Rating: Extremely Rare
Limiting the number of units down to five only and almost explicitly stating it, makes
this one extremely rare. It is not unusual for game companies, or other manufacturers
to roll out additional number of unit later on, which could potentially scratch some feathers
of that flattering title, but without any doubt, everything about this one is in the zone of obscurity
and extreme rareness.
Price: Initial Price; 40.00 USD.
* It is possible that the price has gone up (easily) couple of times by now.
Trivia: Unknown
* Please note: The reliable Rarity Rating System still haven't been determined by the Administration and Staff, so the current status might be prone to changes.
Images in courtesy of: Mosavon who proudly owns this item.
*Other 2 images were found on the internet.
Number of owners: 1
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