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Save game problem


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When I play gta3, vice city and san andreas I cant save my game after I install windows 10. It keep say save unsuccessful, and when I try to download a save game and put at c:\users\"myuser"\documents\GTA "3, Vice City, San Andreas" user files it not appear the save game, please help me, this happen on 3 games

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Is your game properly registered with STEAM?

Is the game modified in any manner? Try Removing the Mod(s).

Windows 10 is not known for being favorable to Old Games, Try a compatibility mode (Win98, XP, Vista, Windows 7).

IF your game is stolen (Pirated, Torrent, Warez) buy the real game, or try the source Web Site. There are too many reasons for a Pirated game to not work.


Win98 may move the user save files to the Public Document, instead of the Users Documents.

Downloaded game saves must match the .exe installed. (v1 DVD, v2 DVD, STEAM v3 saves are identical to v2.)

A mismatch of version .exe and save will crash the game, or restart at the beginning.

If the save has mod that you don't have it may also crash.

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i tried, but no use, sa and gta3 only have widescreen fix and silentpatch, vc has a lot of, but none of the main.scm mod, only cleo, mvl, some of the graphic mod, i tried to run with windows 98 but each time i try to change resolution my vc crash

and all of them are retail, i installed from dvd, my sa i used my old save game from old windows

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1. Mods, Cleo, No-CD cracks, Downgraders are not "fixed" in this part f the forum. GTA 3 & VC, each has its own trouble shooting forum. .
2. Only GTA San Andreas game Play is of concern in the "GTA San Andreas Forums", so forget about any other Game Here.
3. If you do not reinstall the game Without Mods, Cleo, Downgrader, etc. Take the problem(s) to the Modding Forums.

4. If you have Pirated games, there are no fixes. Buy the real game.


5. Saves made with Modified Games may not work with unmodified games.

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