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Recommended Posts


Release date: Unknown


High probability being anywhere between year 2004 and 2005.


Origin Info: Unknown


When it comes to merchandise this rare, where everything is shrouded in the

veil of mystery, well, except the price, and is reduced to a single bit of information,

well again, except for the price obviously, it's really hard to find anything relevant.

According to some sources - thank you Jimmy - this exquisite piece of

merchandise had been used as promo material during some unknown video

game conference, in the unknown location and time.


Status and Availability:


Relying on that single source, it could be plausible that two or few of these, might be in circulation/possession of unknown number of collectors.

Then again, it's more of a strong assumption, than proven fact.

But, truth to be told, this thing is so rare you won't even find any related images

on Google, except for those posted here - at least not the ones we are able to share.




"The San Andreas Poker Briefcase ", or " The San Andreas Mobile Casino "

is viewed as one whole - one product, which consists of:


1 Briefcase;

2 Sets of Card Decks, 1 Black & 1 White;

4 Huge Stacks of Casino Chips, Red, Green, Black and Blue, each containing 50 chips;

4 Almost transparent Red Gambling Dices, with white colored dots.


Rating: Extremely Rare


Price: 600.00 USD.




Notice the Red Poker Chips; During the Rockstar Games and Official Xbox Magazine

teamed-up efforts to award 10 readers and Xbox players back in 2005 with brand new

BMX bike, contest rules clearly stated that the winners were supposed to find the

" Red Blind Dragon Chip ". Of course, these are not the ones, but these are also

the only red ones spotted out there.




* Some of these were being sold as a stand-alone products, without being taken

out of the briefcase as such. They are regarded as one separate product;

for example Black or White Card Deck & Stack of 5 different colored Chips that

are coming along with the White or Black Card Deck: Blue, Black, Orange, Green

and Purple Chips.


*By the look of the poker chips, they seem to be the 1st Edition Chips,

which further implies the older date of release.


*Just to repay our kindness once again to Jimmy, for allowing us to use his images of the

Poker Chip Briefcase, or as our viable source use to call it, " The Mobile Casino ".


* Please note: The reliable Rarity Rating System still haven't been determined by the Administration and Staff, so the current status might be prone to changes.

















Edited by ChengizVlad09
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  • 4 years later...

Hello just wanted to brief in on this with some additional information that might be interesting regarding the briefcase. Some  information i am not able to mention so had to cover it: 




Edited by johndoe2
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12 hours ago, RIDE2DAY said:

Thanks for sharing @johndoe2. Did you get any more info from the seller? Why did R* made only four of these? Who were they given to?

Reasons as to why they only made four are unknown, but i could hypothesize it being production cost, overseas production etc Maybe they just didn´t think something like this would be applicable to the market and thus decided to discontinue the product. These were given internally more than likely, i believe the ones who obtained the samples decided to keep it give it away etc. Please note that only 4 of these were ever distributed and the seller didn´t have alot of info as to what happened with the other 3.

Edited by johndoe2
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