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Worst kind of player that you hate?


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When I play gta online I see all sorts of different people.

there's modders who abuse the game and either give off money to those in need because it makes them feel like jesus christ or those who want to be like satan and blow everyone up.


There's beggers people who will literally beg for money and 9/10 have bad english because they're either kids or from a distinct country and their english skills just lack.


There's grinders people who will want to add u on discord to just discuss heist setups and finales to them its all about money, they wanna grind in the game to get as much as possible fast and no failure is allowed to them.


Then you have the casuals, the ones who roam around town in a fancy car just waiting to get blown up. They get close to you when you're either afk or just doing something else with ur real life your character is standing still , they show up on u in their fancy all custom made kuruma or elegy and start clown honking at you for no good reason.


Then you have roleplayers these take it very seriously the character they make, they think this is an mmorpg and they make the best out of the little the game can throw at them. Some even take it on twitch to stream gtaV rp. I saw many streams of this I still don't get the appeal.


And then...there's the one group I despise the most. The tryhards, these are pvp players to them it's all about pride they either use macros or some alledgely use trigger bot or aim bot, they never claim to use one and i believe most don't but they take it upon themselvs to excell in deathmatches and 1vs1 fights where most use a plathora of tricks, from macros to easy way out to fast rpg missile to strafe while snipe aiming, and even the clothing they wear in full black to sort of "camouflage" in the dark particularly at night.

I've befriended a few tryhards before and one thing i'll say is this, these are primarely call of duty or other first person shooter games players they have a ton of experience and knowledge but their skills show off immensely against non pvper's in gta and even outside of gta they show alot of pride confidence and arrogance in the way they talk, they will look down on u if you're on their bad side but even as an ally they get incredibly frustrated if you accidentally kill them because to them KD is everything or at least most of them...

This is a sub-division of the category of gta players I learned to hate.


So which one is your least favorite?

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This is more of a GTA Online type of discussion, there is a similar thread already created-



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