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Catalina and Claude's whereabouts from 92 to 01 ?

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Hello, we all know that Catalina met Claude around San Fierro in 92 and decided to leave San Andreas right after this, it wouldn't bother me if GTA III was set right after San Andreas, but GTA III events are taking place a decade after San Andreas.


I don't think it took them ten years to travel from west to east unless they drove the world's slowest ride. What could have happened during those years ? Could they have hit various states across the country by robbing several banks, pretty much like Bonnie and Clyde. Evading autorities while robbing banks sounds impossible to me.

Edited by GTA3Claude

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lil weasel

Item: San Andreas is a State in a fictional World.

Item: Travel by road is not possible from the Island. They would have taken Ship or Aircraft to leave.

Item: They could have spent Years in Prison for crimes, or kept a low profile.


Speculation is ripe, since R* Writers and Producers have made no specific story line for the missing time.

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Most likely they spent 10 years committing robberies all across the US. Liberty City was just their last destination.


Maybe it took a decade to get there because of all the time they spent lying low from the authorities.

Edited by Steezy.

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Evil empire

Given the number of dubious tombs of former boyfriends around her house and the length of her relationship with CJ I think Catalina tried to kill Claude shortly after she met him.


In the introduction of GTA III you can see Claude was sentenced to 10 years for the robbery so I assume the 9 years between the San Andreas and the GTA 3 events are the time Claude spent behind the bars.

Edited by Evil empire

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